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I have a question for producers: Has anyone tried selling there beats through or a music library?
Are these websites and databases good for selling beats and getting royalties?

Is it better to sell your beats on your own exclusively and non-exclusively?
Im wondering what is the best way to sell your beats?

I understand the best way is to send your beats for $45 to Library of Congress for copyright ownership, and then sell your beats to whomever. When I sell my beats is it good to have a contract license agreement or a copyright document signed by the licensor and the buyer?
Do I make this contract on my own or is there a template I can get from somewhere?

Yo! I just saw your posting. I've actually joined as a beat seller and just like any other self owned business, it's all about promoting the product. is a good place to start but I have some great information I know you would be interested in. As far as copyrights, always copyright your music before selling to protect what's rightfully yours. Hit me up if your still interested in the information. :8)
Maybe I should try that site. How is it?

Learn how to sell more of your beats. No Joke!
Word do the beats go hard
Hi, I tried the weibsite ); return false;" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">, before surf this form I never found them , but whatever, thanks for your question, I really get an exciting web
As far as i know, this id used for new music promotion. then once someone gets the attention you can sell it there.. :) :lol: :lol: :lol:

I dont know man you want to sell beats where are a lot of traffic and artists and I would consider cause soundclick gets 10x as much traffic.Of course its a harder competition out there put if you know how to market yourself and brand yourself then its not that hard and marketing and promoting is probably important in any beat selling site including encourage you to learn marketing cause its the key to taking the charts.Now if you choose you can visit my website where we have teached thousands of producers how to sell beats online and we have a lot of free videos for anyone who joins to get started.Its


A lot of beat makers sell there beats non-exlcusively because you still reclaim the rights of the song to be used over and over again for sales. The trick though is getting enough customers interested in your music so you get more sales, though this shouldn't be hard. You'll find a way.

Havnig an exclusive sale means that only one artist can buy the track and no one else. The amount you sell it for usually depends on how serious or big the artist is, but you can charge whatever you like!





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MakeHitMusic is pretty tight. I've sold a shit load of beats since I joined. Only bad thing is that the best kept secrets never stay that way. Word spread and now we got the typical $10 or $11 producers selling beats on there. It has just stooped to level. At this point, stay away while you're ahead.

Theres also websites like, MyBeatShop, or Hot Producer Beats, the three main popular ones. Though I must say, I'm not a have of the competitive atmosphere that runs the show. Beat Battles, grand prizes, not really my thing.







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