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Sennheiser HD 25

Sennheiser HD 25-13-II

User reviews on Sennheiser HD 25 products

FP User's review (Sennheiser - HD 25)

By FP User, 31/10/2008
Features aren't exactly aplenty on earphones. Some say they could do with a longer or coiled cord, but they must keep their record boxes a bit further away from their decks than I do! Ok, so the cord is a bit on the short side, but at least it's less of a chance to trip up on it! Everything is replaceable on them, so thats a bonus. They're also one of the few 70ohm cans in popular use, so for me anyway, they match perfectly to the headphone jack on my mixer. Couldn't really ask for anything else from a set of closed cup cans.


REALLY loud and still bang out bass without problems. These things are perfect for DJing. Sound quality is well rounded, although I find them ever so slightly lacking the clarity of audiophile quality cans. What they can do with levels though more than makes up for that. I really don't think I'd consider anything else to play out with, the only others on the market that can match this quality of sound at those levels are a bit big and cumbersome, and not terribly comfortable after a while wearing them. You could say these things do exactly what they say on the tin!

Just plug and play - not much more to say really! Haven't had to replace anything on them as yet, but given their simple design, I doubt it'd too much of a ball-ache to sort. The short cable might come under critism from people used to longer one's, but like I said, the flip side could also be said of somebody used to shorter cables having to then start using cans with a skipping rope's worth of wire haning off.

Simple classy design, and they really do feel robust. No signs of wear on them yet (half a year) and the replacability of parts means those things that do wear out wont wear out the entire set. Got to be the way all headphones should be made

Well, they're made in Ireland (just like me!) so thats 10 out of 10 right there! I'm so glad Sennheiser have made what I think is the perfect headphone. Light, durable, replaceable parts to keep the cost down in the long run, comfortable to wear for long periods, top notch sound quality and deafining, crisp levels. What more could a DJ ask for?

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Posted by: costello (January 0-, 2005)

Great in the studio (Sennheiser - HD 25-1 II)

By JimboSpins, 26/02/2013
The Sennheiser HD 25-1 II headphones have a closed back and detachable cord. When I first had the chance to listen to them I didn’t think that they would be any good to DJ with because I didn’t feel like the low end hit hard enough for me. So I kept them in my studio and didn’t take the chance on using them in the club. When using them in the studio I got some pretty good mixes from them. They did not color my sound and had very warm low end tones without over doing it. The highs and mids are pretty clean n these without being too sharp or bright.
These headphones do not have a great design to them. They look very simple and plain, they do not look like they should cost as much as they do. The only writing or bit of color on them is on the top of the part that goes over the head. They are all black and dull looking, but they are very comfortable. I have worn these for long sessions and they never got uncomfortable. It is even easy to take off the ear pads and change them out if you want to.
The HD 25-1 II are very durable and light, they frequency response is 16 Hz to 22 kHz and they have aluminum voice coils. These actually remind me of the HD-10 headphones that came out decades ago. The sounds of these headphones are really worth the price though. I was using them for about a year and half and never had any issues with them. For the price I don’t think you can get a better sound then what they provide. These where my main headphones for a while (in the studio). I never did try them to DJ with though because I didn’t think they low end was hitting enough for me but for studio use they are perfect and I recommend them!

The best, (Sennheiser - HD 25-1 II)

By Space 16, 12/06/2013
I have had mine for over 10 years and they have never failed or broken. I recommend these when I get asked what headphones should I get by DJ's and Producers. And the fact that if they do break you can replace the individual parts instead of having to spend a few hunded on a whole new pair....

music007's review (Sennheiser - HD 25)

By music007, 16/05/2006
I use the HD 25 from 99 taken his first and now live sound.

I love this headphone is an everyday tool, it is robust, many people unfortunately march on, but it still works ...
It is closed so it is really well insulated from the outside ... I just use it on holiday in Malaysia to catch her in the jungle with a portable DAT and 2 small microphones, c is really great for contrler everything that happens ...
the sound is good enough for the Contrle, does not rise very high in the acute fall to 16Khz and does not go down very low either in severe extreme with an emphasis 100 or 120 Hz but not for the right for dgrossir mix ... It is more than enough ...
In short what I asked is perfect!

I tried several models before notament SONY super expensive but after each test I still prfrais this headphone ...

A small BMOL though: I do not find terrible connections of the headphones and cable
I had to change my headphone after 6 years of loyal service. I have bought a new one because of the connectivity ...

The price quality ratio is not bad but not great either ...

If I do sting is the first thing I Rachette.