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User Review

How do without? especially without computer? - Reviews Alesis DataDisk SQ

midi in out, external power supply (GRRR) and a floppy

no its just a recorder player, but especially Sysex midi!

a machine that can save your life and certainly more than once, but consigned to oblivion for most musicians ... passed to the computer

but for those who are allergic to monitors, mice and keyboards, this machine is simply divine

I put 9 because the disk ... Alesis could split an SD card version and my friends ...


Wholesale stores and ca ca sends sysex for backup programs, config sound banks etc ...

it avoids the purchase of memory cards for synths (Wavestation, Roland D70, JD990 and JV and hundreds more!!).


no sound, simple operation, what I hate is that today to find disks ....


there is no many competitor in this area, except perhaps some digital mixers that can store some sysex on tracks and send them individually.

I love the simplicity, robustness, and I do not take my head to update the OS or software version in my machine, it's simple and it works

Alesis, STP make us an SD card, CF or flash version and it would be perfect!!!