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Unparalleled - Reviews Alesis DataDisk SQ

No sound or internal data, it is only a MIDI data recorder, which stores them on floppy disk (floppy) and restores, all with a DIN connector (MIDI)


Could not be more simple, the manual (available on the net) is not necessary.
I bought this product at the time of the early and MIDI sequences on ATARI (Pro24, Cubase). The sequences made in the studio, saved as standard MIDI file (including sysex which control the program number, track volume etc..) Can be played on stage by connecting the DataDisk to MIDI in synth. Neither seen nor known, it seemed that the keyboardist was 10 but especially a tempo of hell ...
I had previously tried hardware sequencers (Roland, Korg) much more expensive and complex, with Datadisk reliability and simplicity essential live were there.


not its internal


Today, most synthesizers integrate a sequencer section that reads midi files with a memory space for a directory of several hours. I still have my DataDisk if I'd limited, and there is no device came to compete.
Only drawback: the floppy disk as storage media. Load midi still takes a few (long) seconds, and you can not put that on a 1.44MB floppy disk. SD card reader would be perfect instead.
Damage, but since there is no equivalent, I keep my DataDisk.

Note: incidentally this tool has helped a lot of bands playing supposedly live, with sequences abuse and forget to play;, or pretend. The best is sometimes the enemy of the good.