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User Review

ideal for all readings and backup MIDI - Reviews Alesis DataDisk

The DataDisk has a MIDI IN and THROU / OUT

Specific power (low voltage AC is the ALESIS!!), So if you buy one, make sure you have good power otherwise ....... it will serve as decoration in your rack

It only serves to send and receive MIDI information (DUMP, SYS EX midifiles .......)


Configuration is very simple to use, the manual should be read once that's all.

It is very intuitive and complete with respect to its use, thanks to its façades buttons (SEND, RECCEIVE, CLEAR INFO .... etc) and LCD screen. We choose an action to pressing "YES" and you're done!!


NO SOUND is a standard player ........

By against it only reads 3.5-inch disks (of what?!!), You know, this small square found (almost) which has a maximum capacity of 1.44 Megas or 720K. Moreover it is necessary to format the DataDisk before use as it only includes its own language track sectors. It accepts SD or HD Floppy knowing it formats only 720K. Which is amply sufficient for MIDI information.


I have very long, I can not give the date of acquisition, that reminds me I'm getting old!!

This is the ideal partner in a rack to play midi files, or backups Sysex Preset.

I save it to a floppy disk patches My POD PRO and my GMAJOR like that when galley just before or during a concert, I'll just have to recharge my backups.
I keep preciously!!!