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The Audio Damage Sequencer 1 updated

Audio Damage has released a new firmware for its hardware Sequencer 1 device.

Firmware v1.2 for Sequencer 1 adds the following changes:

  • Ability to program multiple pulses per step (up to 8 repeats), with Gate output firing on each repeat or only once
  • Amplitude setting to randomly vary the LFO output levels
  • 2 new modes for the steps: Random even and Random odd, for an almost random pattern variation
  • Hold for each aux CV output with several options to choose wether the Hold function affects the current value or changes it as the sequencer advances
  • New CV input mapping that allows for switching between programmed scales/modes for the patterns to 8 user-programmed scales
  • Reset pattern from the MicroSD card
  • Improved encoder response
  • Save and restore the page of each mode when changing the edit mode

This new firmware is available for download from