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Seymour Duncan P-Bass

Seymour Duncan SCPB-3 Quarter Pound for Single Coil P-Bass

User reviews on Seymour Duncan P-Bass products

bassman62's review (Seymour Duncan - Antiquity for P-Bass Raised "A" (Twin Coil))

By bassman62, 21/05/2004
EXCELLENT FOR RESEARCH THAT ITS A REAL GOOD VINTAGE (blues brothers) without taking the HEAD try this or that. + It is signed and limited in production so "collectible." I tried 3Other fender pickups, Shaller, lace sensor, it is the best he given me exactly the sound I was looking for a micro EUROS .200 p-bass is a shame but we must look carefully to find cheaper. see also a type series from 1044 to 1012 and antiquity 2.

Fredtron's review (Seymour Duncan - SPB-2 Hot For P-Bass)

By Fredtron, 27/05/2003
The sound of this microphone is typically vintage but more serious than the fender.
I use it combined with a ultrajazz and HPS-p DiMarzio. The output level of spb2 is the same as the other 2. I would recommend anyone looking for a vintage sound and powerful.

pulvonium's review (Seymour Duncan - SPB-3 Quarter Pound for P-Bass)

By pulvonium, 05/02/2013
Micro Precision Fender style replacement.
I had used to replace a microphone on a Mexican Fender. The result was "a little better but not transcendent." Notes can be a little more defined, but no radical transformation.
Replacing an old Di Marzio on my Vox, I gained a little serious.
In both cases it was better but not revolution.
I think this mic can be advantageous in the case of an upgrade from a low average range with a violin correctly.
Attention son delivered over not very long, you need to know to play the soldering iron.

Truiton's review (Seymour Duncan - Antiquity for P-Bass Raised "A" (Twin Coil))

By Truiton, 24/02/2010
I confirm the prcdents opinion, this mic has given me my a precision us, there's no comparison: the sound is round, powerful, prcis, in short, is the legendary tone pr decision that I finally could get.