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Comments about the review: Not So standard! - forum Gibson SG Standard 2013 w/ Min-ETune

Not So standard!
The SG Standard is a legendary guitar that doesn't need an introduction. It's one of Gibson's best sellers, played by some of the best guitar players like Angus Young, Pete Townshend and Franck Zappa to name just a few. But the SG we have here is a bit special because it features the Min-ETune system for automatic guitar tuning! Let's look into the details...

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I don't believe a word of this review. Gibson should send me one in that beautiful Red Fade and then I will give it a real review. Of course, I will have moved by the time I'm supposed to send it back! I've tried it at a local shop and it really is a nice piece of equipment. I never tried the Gib-robot, I'd heard it was terrible, but this isn't, it really does what it claims to. I wish they'd sell it as a la cart. Much like I wish Epiphone would sell the ProBuckers a la cart. But, that's life. I guess just I'll keep watching eBay for those that think they're above it all.