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User reviews on Shockmount products

Is worthless too strong a word? (Blue Microphones - Radius for Yeti)

By Rick Dinsmore, 25/11/2016
Very expensive, very heavy and will break instantly.
This mount is not made by Blue. The set screw is made of the worlds worst pot metal and breaks on the slightest pressure. This a widely reported issue. When I called Blue they were very understanding and sent a new screw immediately, which lasted about 1 second.
Supposedly the latest models have been modified to eliminate the problem but I would be very wary due to the cost and limited effectiveness in the first place.

There are now some other companies making shock mounts for the Yeti which are cheaper and better designed.

effective, solid, reassuring (RODE - SM6)

By hhub17, 18/08/2014
What kind of microphone: Rode a NT2A static transistor, which I use at all (multiple directional, high-pass filter attenuator ... and I do not have another microphone) so singing cajon through the acoustic and electric guitars, bass, tin whistle ...
This suspension is now included with this microphone, but not when my purchase, I have deeply regretted, especially since I have a home studio with an unstable floor.
It is an elastic suspension, as shown in the picture: an outer frame which is on the foot, a resilient holding a carrier in the middle, wherein the microphone is screwed.


I use it for about 6 months and had tried before buying anything, but consulted the internet, and I excluded supports "no name" on feedback that it lacked strength, or Sustainability elastic. Do not want to blow my only mic for a lousy suspension.
I like most solid and reassuring aspect, and the fact that nothing of ground motion is not transmitted to the microphone now (that's his job, OK, it's a suspension). In addition, I have read in various reviews on other suspension assembly difficulties with a particular microphone, which played in my choice of a suitable suspension, according to the manufacturer itself, in my micro .
Value: not bad, it was more expensive and probably better, but that's enough for an amateur home studio.
With experience, I would do this choice, even if the "reassuring solidity" part is probably the fact that it is the same brand as the microphone.

animole's review (The T.bone - SSM 2)

By animole, 07/03/2014
This suspension system is not reliable in the medium term: the fixation at the screw is not very strong, and after a while, she can simply drop in idling. In short, a system of poor quality.


Fixing dropped after a year of moderate use. Other suspensions suitable for models microphone, sturdiest, can do the trick.

News Shockmount

Shure A300SM

Published on 12/09/11
Shure Incorporated unveiled a new shock mount for its KSM353 ribbon microphone.

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Published on 12/07/11

Blue Microphones Radius

Published on 07/28/11