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controversy micro vintage / modern micro - Reviews Neumann KM 64

micro tube (Telefunken AC701 model). I think it is the lamp that gives it its distinctive to this microphone. I think it does not sound like a km 84 (let alone one km 184). I currently trying on an acoustic guitar. (Leoni cable to power in 1000 and monster to the preamp avalon vt 737 sp.


he is currently in studio. I just started using it. I will update this review as and able to use. In any case, it makes you want to use because it has a beautiful color. In addition, it's still weird to have a microphone built in the mid-60s that can be compared with modern micro, given its quality. Now I understand why studios like Abbey Road retains decades this type of micro rather than replace them with modern microphone.

I used several condenser microphones (km 140 km 184 km 84, shure sm 81 ...).

I think it sounds good on acoustic guitars.

I think a microphone of this type can bring good things in the mix because it has a natural color (it looks like a little 84 km. This is best perhaps surely different).

It's very expensive, of course. Stay tuned

Food does not make any noise. I continue to experiment ...