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User Review

U-FLYstudio's review - Neumann KM 84

Small static shot of KM54 cardio, then 64 to light,
Then comes the version T12V KM74 KM84 and finally who will then give birth to the current 184 KM
from KM64, the capsule used is the KK64,
KM 84 version available KM84 (dyn 3-pin) and KM84i (3-pin XLR)


THE microphone to the class and musicality!

far ahead of his replacement KM184, the 84 is right, but much more musical than a cardio Schoeps, the KM84 to dive and the natural precision that are accompanied by a great heat in the bottom, never intrusive, very micro dynamically consistent inverse of the KM184! in the omni microphone is formidable in the bass, in fact, the 83 KM really gives a visual impression of movement of air in the back of a percussion type zarb or darbuka.

I think it is still slightly below the Neumann KM86 and KM74 tonadas the series and KM76, which are even more attanchants for my taste! we have to say something wrong!

* Let's say for example that if I had to pop in a battery neumann I metterais the kit as follows:
- U47fet in Bass drum (60 cm to skin resonance)
- KM 74 in Snare charley (40 cm in front of HH and snare)
- 2 x 83 KM before the battery (AB atmosphere close to the ground between 1.5 and 5 m depending on the desired and the room)
- 2 x heads in Over 76 KM

* Of strings near the KM84 working properly placed at the bridge (at least 30cm), slightly offset to the right when looking at the player for the respect of resonances led by the "soul" because of the other side is "the bar of harmony" that it causes a release a little more "hollowed out" signal from the instrument!