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Oktava Small diaphragm condenser microphones

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User reviews on Small diaphragm condenser microphones Oktava products

Not bad at all! (MK012-01 MSP2 Black)

By Krisskano, 28/01/2014
Taking over on drums and acoustic guitar. It is a static transistor average quality, well above the Superlux CM H8.


I've had two days in the studio and I started a series of comparisons between a pair of Superlux CM a pair of Superlux HO and sm 57 Shure.
Tested on taking folk guitar, the Ockava is more dynamic, warmer and fuller than his colleagues. In comparison I will say this:
The Oktava generous and never aggressive, the sound is full and well distributed.
Superlux are not in the heat and dynamic rendering is less, they are aggressive enough in acute. Shure and too marked with an unpleasant bump, everything except neutral and crystalline.
I'm not talking about Superlux OH which are hypercardoides large diaphragm which for once are worthless next!

doc benway's review (MK-012)

By doc benway, 18/01/2013
Laminae small condenser microphone supplied with 3 heads for three interchangeable directional (omni, cardio, cardio super-), a-10db pad.
A pretty wooden box, clamp well thought, it is very pro and we love that!


I bought a pair a month ago, I compared directly to my pair of KM184. I immediately recognized the neumann, a tab qd even more fun, this slight compression and harmonics I do not know .. In any case have held up well oktava comparison, they are very clean, very good frequency response and transient. For the price, it really is correct.
Only bemol: omni capsule seemed very sharp, not jolijoli. I reessaierai.
And I discovered the site oktavamod the usa that sells heads "comparable" U67 has the pair for $ 600 ...
When Russia meets the states!