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Shure Small diaphragm condenser microphones

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Essential (VP88)

By JBii, 11/04/2014
Everything has been said about


I work exclusively live and I use the microphone Atmosphere Battery for six years, for all types of music. I use a compressor as needed. This is the most natural I've found to do this micro couple of Schoeps excluded, of course.
It is not too bright, and most of the time, I use it right, possibly with a low cut.
The cardioid directivity is variable, so that it can take very large drum kit, to the contrary, very tight, without being polluted by the surrounding environment.

As I have two, I also used on a standard cabin "leslie", it was perfect, an amazing correspondence between the sound of the instrument and its reproduction.

On outdoor festivals, windscreen fitted me always enough.

Good sensor for Saxophone (Beta 98H/C)

By Lolosaxo78, 19/03/2014
Shure Beta 98H / C used only on Tenor Saxophone.
Taking stage and studio
Very good head - Cardioid - low bp Larsen
Requires 48V phantom power
Clip flag with gum to avoid scratching the finish.


5 years of use without pb
The sensor has not moved,
Not motion blurred resistant foam pop
Value Prices correct: Good choice

The thread seems a bit fragile.
I reinforced sheath side of the head as opposed XLR is quite heavy.
The connection between small and large head cable XLR / console cable is not against nature.
Sometimes there had bp cable contacts console (or impedance or other?), And therefore frightening spitting into the PA.
Since I place the whole thread (rather than tucked into the reel and head XLR worn on a belt) and I put the XLR connector on the ground in order to keep it stationary: more than bp.

I'm happy with my choice what I kept a good memory of a kind AKG C519

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[AES] Shure KSM9HS

Published on 10/27/12
Shure has introduced a new variant of its KSM9 Vocal Condenser microphone, with switchable hypercardioid and subcardioid polar patterns.

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