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User Review

moosers's review - AKG C61

The AKG C61 is a small diaphragm tube condenser microphone that is designed for the recording studio and the recording studio only.  This is a unique mic becuase you don't see too many microphones that small diaphragm and have a tube in them, so it makes for an interesting blend and really makes for a great tone.


I've been using the AKG C61 for only about six months and I'm glad I've gotten to use it because its a really unique microphone that is great for all sorts of things.  The application that I use it for mostly is acoustic guitar, as like all small diaphragm condenser microphones it is great at picking up that silky part of the high end that you want to capture for acoustic guitar.  In addition to this, since it is a tube mic it also has a really fat and warm tone that you expect in a tube mic.  When you add both of these important qualities together you get a really great sounding microphone that covers the high end of the frequency spectrum really well and at the same time delivers a thick tone.  Beyond using the AKG C61 for acoustic guitar, it is also great as a drum overhead and will also work great with any acoustic stringed instrument like violin.  This is indeed a vintage microphone and because of this they have become hard to find, and if you do get lucky and find one they certainly aren't cheap.  For this reason I would only recommend the C61 to professional studio owners and engineers and not to home studio owners.  If you are looking for a unique sounding microphone that is rare and special, the AKG C61 is a good place to start and I wouldn't blame anyone spending the money to get one of these.