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Sound vintage Used - Reviews Neumann M582

Small diaphragm tube microphone on the east branch Accepts many different capsules (Gefell) of the Neumann company manufactured from 1958 until the early 80s., Eg M58, M62, M70, M71, M93, M94 etc.. (Please note: some older versions of the 1960s-early 70s have screwed permanently capsules). Use the lamp EC92 (easy to find and cheap) as microphones CMV563 & UM57, and therefore the same power. Easy to maintain, lots of spare parts and knowledgeable technicians around, but especially Microtech Gefell (as Neumann-East is now called) still accepts their service for a reasonable price and with excellent results.


In the studio I used a M582 with M62 and M71 capsules. With cardioid nickel M62 (in fact, the East version of the KK54 capsule used in the famous and much more expensive KM54/KM254) has a very nice tone tired but very similar to the KM54. Can capture beautiful sound of acoustic guitar (esp.slide guitar), not as smooth as the Schoeps M221, but more character - in the right musical context.
In fact, this is my favorite microphone for acoustic guitar Blues-y (finger picked or strummed), slide / Dobro / pedal steel and mandolin. Can also look very nice on the dulcimer / Santoor & Oriental Greek bouzouki / baglamas for music Rembetiko. Sometimes surprisingly good on the accordion, and a secret weapon with the right singer!
With M71 cardioid capsule (actually exactly the same PVC M7 capsule found in the legendary Neumann U47, with a different case) it shares the same sound impression with his big brother Neumann CMV563, much more easily saturated due to its transformer more small. So nice on some voices (if you do not need ultra thick low mids) remote mic'ing guitar amps and anything with retro sound sensitivities.
My only complaint is that it saturates easily, both lamp and transformer, so it is better suited to musicians with a good control of their dynamics.