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User Review

Snappy snare - Reviews Tama Starphonic Maple PMM146

The snare drum probably is the most critical element to any drummers drum setup. The drum sets helps to set the tempo and really allow the rest of the band to follow along. Without a tight snappy snare drum the drums will fall off into obscurity in the band mix.

This drum has a robust power drive that will create a inner tempo with the other rhythm section. The crackling of this drum creates a punch to which the drummer finds the feel of the groove.

Feeling the groove is easy with this wood combination drum. The maple burl while beautiful to look at had a nice crisp high that is extremely transparent with the rest of the percussion arrangement. You can allow yourself to gets lots in the groove quite easily with the powerful connection you feel with this drum.

TAMA Maple Starphonic 14" x 6" Snare Drum Features:

* Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare gives you crisp attack
* Outer ply of Satin Mappa Burl lends an aura of class
* Bearing edge shape enhances drum resonance

Resonance is critical when comparing the snare drums. A snare that doesn't have that snappy attack with the combination of a good sustain will ultimately be throw away.

At new these drums snares come in at around $500. That is a reasonable price for this high quality wood and head. This might be a little bit out of the price range for some people but having a solid build and correctly tuned snare is absolutely critical to having a tight sounding band and grooving feel in the music.

The robust booming tone of this drum is very drummer friendly and articulate. Sometimes you give one or the other, the tightness which can be unforgiving or the loose feel that is easy to play but can get a little sloppy. This drum is the best of both worlds. You get the fat tight tone and the concentrated attack to which a drummer needs to stay in time and tempo.

Type Snare
Shell Size 6" x 14"
Shell Construction 6mm/6ply maple + outer 1ply mappa burl
Shell Material Maple
Hoops Grooved hoop, 10-hole
Color Satin Mappa Burl