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Computer Music software bundles

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Computer Music software bundles
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Native Instruments Komplete 8 & Komplete 8 Ultimate review

Kompletely Native Native Instruments has been offering a selection of its software products grouped under the brand "Komplete" for several years now. The selection is updated every year with the latest versions of several products plus some additional tools. And it offers a rather unbeatable value for money ($499). read more…

User reviews on Computer Music software bundle products

Totally worth it... (Native Instruments - Komplete 11 Ultimate)

By nicolaizen, 31/10/2017
I bought it as an upgrade+promotion of my 10 edition. I use a Win10 PC with i7, 64gb ram, 2xssd disks, audient i22 sound card AND Komplete Keyboard s61, 1st edition. I use it in combination with the S61, through Cubase 9 only for "home studio purposes" as a VST and not as a standalone synth for live concerts etc.
The Native Access program that comes with the bundle is the key factor for working well. Last year I had a huge problem with the older version: I had problems with the updates and the support finally (after some months of co-operation with them) suggested a CLEAN INSTALL of WINDOWS!!! I did it and everything worked OK thereafter. So, the Native Access is an update manager who checks for you licencees, gets and installs the updates. Hence there are no problems anymore with the updates and upgrades.Although the previous versions (8,9) I bought the version with the Hard Disk, in this case I downloaded the material and install it through Native Access. YouTube videos are very helpful although Steinberg is by far in front regarding these videos. Everything works fine and the collaboration with the S61 is unique. Moreover there is a collaboration with Arturia and the V5 set of VST. They can collaborate the one through the other and with the S61. This is an excellent idea for both factories. Finally sounds and effects are broaden my horizons...
If I could exploit the half of the capabilities of the Koplete 11, I could be Zimmer, or Jarre...
Pros: Excellent sound quality, large number of VSTs, effects, atc. Native Access is a must for such a company as NI and it was pity that they did not developed earlier, excellent collaboration with S61, upgraded cooperation with other VST like Arturia V5,the low price of updates for older users (i got it at 200 euros)
Cons: the frequency of new editions that makes us feeding the "industry".
I hope I helped. If you have questions or you need any info please don't hesitate.

Don’t lose the opportunity to acquire!!! (Native Instruments - Komplete 10 Ultimate)

By nicolaizen, 16/05/2015
As I mentioned in other reviews, my studio has a PC i7, 64 GB Ram Win7(64bit), Nvidia GTX 750 Ti, 1XSSD 512GB m 1XSSD 256GB, 1XRaptor 2TB, AKAI EIE pro, 2X E-mu precision Monitors, Komplete Kontrol S-61, Cubase 8 (prior 7,5), Halion 5, Groove Agent 4, Native Instruments Complete 9, Arturia V4, Synapse audio Dune 2,2, Tone 2 Nemesis. I am composing my music pieces using them for private use and for my school (I am a Mus. Teacher).
I bought the NI Komplete Ultimate 10 update at a half of price using the promo - bargain that NI has until the 31 of May. Guys do not miss it…! If you do not want the Kontrol S61 see if you can much it with another hardware. It’s a great offer. I paid euros approx. for Komplete 10 Ultimate and the Komplete Kontrol S61. As you can easily understand I had the Komplete 9 Ultimate and now I bought the update! For the Kontrol S61 will follow a specialized review.
I had no problem installing it. The only problem that I had to deal was that during the installation the installer found some newer versions of the programs and I had to pass this point. Another one problem was that during the installation some of the libraries (probably for the same reason) I had a very strange message, on the installers screen, that: “...An installation package for the product Native Instruments Balinese Gemelan cannot be found. Try the installation again using a valid copy of the installation package ‘Balinese Gemelan Steup PC.msi… This appeared many times. I ignored them and the installation completed OK. I will get in contact with NI and if needed I will upload their answer. I have to warn you that you need a couple of hours (depending your internet connection etc). Then I installed the Kontrol s61 programs in order to “see each other” and then I finished.
The whole package is very inspiring. It gets you on the computer and “pushes” you to write… I am very satisfied with the quality of sound overall. For the Native Instruments Vienna Concert Grand I wrote a special review and you can read it. The orchestral sounds are a “value for money” case. I mean that if you have more money to spend then you can bring the Berliner Philharmoniker in your studio and ask them to play your works. As a result for under 1000euros it is an excellent collection of sounds. As far as my ear can get, the sounds are very fruitful, the harmonics are very rich and their range is very wide.
The program installs Absynth5, Battery 4, FM8, Guitar Rig5, Kontakt5, Massive, Reaktor5. Moreover you get the service centre which is responsible for the updates. Each one of the aforementioned are for a solo review. There are well known among the users and therefore I am not going to proceed to more details.
What is exceptional here is the collaboration of Kontrol S61 with the synths of the Ultimate 10! You get the Komplete Kontrol program and you can use them through this. It is very convenient, I believe and it works through my DAW. I will try to attach some PrintScreen photos. There are to many things you can do with this collaboration. More details in Kontrol S61 review. You can use the Browser

Pros: Variety of presets sounds, the plethora of choices you have, good communication with my DAW, ease of use, simplicity, VALUE FOR MONEY.
Cons: In some, few, drum presets (not the orchestral ones) I believe that the low frequencies are not as rich as I want.

Hope it helped. If you want i can play some sounds and upload them but i think you can get them at NI.

Own it (Native Instruments - Komplete 10)

By darklinux, 04/12/2014
My setup: Third generation Asus iCore 7 laptop, 8 Gb RAM, 1.5 Tb HDD. I use it with Ableton 9 as a VST plug-in. I'm still discovering things, but Komplete is very exciting, Monark, Massive and FM7 are a slap in the face, the SSL-like audio plug-ins are amazing. It's not too resource-intensive, even if you work with your own patches and you have packed it with effects, although I haven't driven it to the limits (16 tracks), I downloaded the most recent control center and it forced me to enter the serial number again with every element installed. Once you've gone through this and validated everything you won't be bothered again.
Massive give me lots of pleasure, it is THE modern modular. MONARK is amazing in mono, especially with an arpeggiator.
I'm far from having explored everything Komplete has to offer, but it's a must-have for all enthusiasts.

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