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[Feature Article] EQ and Compression Techniques Pt.2: Drums - forum Metric Halo CHANNEL STRIP complete

Despite the preponderance of exceptional drum samples and loops on the market, for certain genres of music (notably country and rock) there is no substitute for a great session drummer playing on a well-recorded and mixed drum kit. One thing that samples and loops can’t provide is the great rhythmic instincts an accomplished live player draws upon when responding to a specific song. However, getting a great player (while certainly a significant element) is not the entire story.
Thanks for all of the focused tips! Thanks the website and look forward to your emails. jonny3d
I just got to this site from reddit and must say this is one of the best articles I've read regarding EQ and compression. Very much appreciate the step-by-step walkthrough as well as the photos of your setup. Even if they aren't the perfect setups for all scenarios, it's great to see how what you're trying to teach looks like when applied. Would love to read more articles like this on things like parallel compression, comb filtering and other common mix concerns and issues, thanks

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