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User Review

Bass compressor/utility - Reviews Waves Eddie Kramer Bass Channel

Eddie Kramer has done everything from Led Zeppelin to Kiss to Hendrix and beyond. He's extremely famous in the music engineering/production world, and considering that Waves has been doing some engineer collaborations lately, it's really no surprise that he got his own plugins. This plugin takes an all-in-one approach to mixing bass. It basically combines a compressor and EQ to get the perfect bass sound. The plugin has knobs for sensitivity, bass, treble, compress, and output. It also allows you to select between two different bass types.

This plugin is very easy to use. All you do is enable it on your bass buss, and you're good to go. It's one of Waves' easier plugins to use. I never read the manual, but it really doesn't need to be read with a plugin as simple as this one. It's fairly straight forward.


Waves is pretty famous when it comes to both compatibility and stability. For one, these plugins are rock solid. I've never experienced any problems using these. There have never been any freezes, glitches or anything bizarre going on, even with a fairly heavy usage of other VSTs in the DAW. This is also cross platform compatible, so anybody on an Apple or Windows computer can easily use this without any problems. There is one problem, however. In OS X, this plugin is 32 bit only. That means that your DAW needs to enable a special bridge application if you want to use your environment in 64 bit while utilizing these 32 bit plugins. It's does it automatically, but I'd like to see the next revision be a 64 bit plugin if possible. I've been using the Mercury bundle for half a year now, and it's been a wonderful experience.


This is a very good solution to mixing bass. I generally find bass guitars to be pretty easy to mix, personally. If it's just one track, I'll add a high pass, low pass and compressor to it. That usually does the job for the most part. If it's two tracks, one will be clean and one will be dirty. I'll then mix then to taste to get a huge sounding mix without overpowering the guitars. This plugin has helped me a few times, but I generally find myself just utilizing my own little method for doing bass guitars.