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User Review

Average effects channel - Reviews Waves Eddie Kramer Effects Channel

For those who don't know, Eddie Kramer has done everything from Kiss to Hendrix and then some. He's a very famous music engineer/producer, and considering that Waves has been doing some engineer collaborations lately, it's no surprise that he got his own plugins. This plugin is basically a delay and reverb plugin all in one with two main settings. There are knobs for delay, delay mix, size, brightness, reverb mix, sensitivity and output. There are also switches to select between the two different main mixes, a switch to change the meter and a few other things.

The plugin itself is very simple to use. Simply enable it on whatever buss you want to have a bit of reverb and delay via your DAW. I haven't read the manual, but considering how simple this plugin is, you really don't need to read it. You should be able to easily figure out what to do by just messing with the knobs. I've never experienced any compatibility issues with this plugin, so there are no issues there.


Waves is one of the best companies when it comes to things like performance and stability. For one, this plugin is a cross platform plugin. That means both Windows and OS X users alike can utilize this plugin without any issues at all. The plugin is also rock solid. I've never experienced a single crash relating to this. Kramer Effects Channel also takes up very little processing power. That's very important as there could be multiple instances of this plugin used at a time. The one problem that it suffers from is that it's a 32 bit plugin. In a 64 bit world, that can be a bit of a problem. In Logic Pro, it starts up a special bridge application to use the 32 bit plugin inside of the 64 bit environment. Personally, I find this a bit annoying, and I'm hoping that they'll go full 64 bit during their next update. I've been using the Mercury bundle for the past six or so months, and I've been loving it.


The plugin is pretty bland for a Waves plugin. For one, while the delay and reverb sound good, I have much better options, even inside Waves. Sure, they might take up some more RAM and processing power, but considering the flexibility I'll be gaining, it's worth it. This is probably the weakest plugin inside of the entire Kramer lineup. That said, it's still a decent sounding plugin, and I'm sure some of you out there will enjoy it quite a bit.