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User Review

The best moment of Eq - Reviews FabFilter Pro-Q

Easy installation. For basic functionality of Eq, we can do without documentation but to exploit the innovative features of the product, there is no need to consult the online help, very clear (but in my English version).


This is Eq, treatment is very greedy, even by pressing the "linear phase" or spectrum analyzer.


There is now a slew of Eq Vst format excluding Daw integrated Eq. Why this one rather than another?
Well, because the Fab Filter Pro Q is the most comprehensive, most ergonomic and smartest Eq.
* The most complete: 24 bands!, Treatment M / S, spectrum analyzer, linear phase, + /-30db per band, all possible type of filter, Peak meter, Gain general, Frequency 10Hz-30kHz working
* The most ergonomic High visibility, window dedicated to the curves and their drawing, display contextual parameters to avoid overloading the interface, the spectrum analyzer superimposed very complete and efficient (fast), gain / frequency / Q simultaneously adjustable with one hand (with the mouse).
* The smartest: The scale automatically adjusts gain the opportunity to listen to the band selected, the processing of a stereo source, treatment M / S

Eq is not as complete as in the possibilities of treatment than visual feedback. Everything is perfectly designed, a true work of art. Unable to return to something else after trying it.
With this type of product as well developed, measuring the best path through the digital analog EQ The most valuable are completely dropped.