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Music Man
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User reviews on Solid Body Electric Guitars Music Man products

A guitar with character!! (Eddie Van Halen Signature)

By trevellin, 15/08/2014
The Van Halen model was manufactured from 1990 to 1995 in the USA.
The one I was fortunate to test had a Floyd Rose, but there are some rare models with a fixed bridge.
Moreover, the guitar I tested had the particularity that its owner had a chamfer set under the Floyd, which standard models don't have. The Floyd rests on two screws that sit on top of the soundboard. As a result, you can really pull the Floyd and make the guitar scream as loud as ever!!
The specs of the basic models are:
- Basswood body with cutaway, white binding and flamed or curly maple top.
- Birdseye maple neck with 22 frets, maple fingerboard with black dot inlays.
- 2 Dimarzio Custom humbucking pickups.
- 4+2 Schaller tuning machines with pearl buttons.
- Chrome hardware.
- 1 volume + 1 3-way switch.
- Fixed neck or Musicman Floyd Rose-licensed tremolo.

Colors of the fixed neck: trans-gold, trans-purple, tans-red.

Colors of the Foyd neck: black, metallic gold, natural, sunburst, trans-black, trans-blue, trans-pink, trans-red, trans-purple.


The neck is chubby (it's very round!!), comfortable and you can do bends easily!!
What can be really annoying is that the body isn't chamfered, so it's a bit hard, but once you start playing you completely forget about it!!
Access to the upper frets is good.
This guitar has a sound with a lot of character!!


I tested it with a mesa-boogie F-30 and it's so frickin' powerful!!
It's a true guitar for hard rock!!
It was a real parade of tricks in the store (tapping, sweep, legato) and everything was a real joy!!
And the tremolo!!
What delight!!
To make this guitar scream in a store full of people and having a guy come up to you and say "don't stop!! Keep on playing!!" Man, that feels good!!


I have tested it several times and each time I've had the same feelings, it has a sound that stands out from the others!!
I recommend people to try this model at least once in their lives because it's surprising and a great discovery!!
I have never taken it with me because it's pretty expensive, in comparison to the standard secondhand bargains (they wanted $3200!!)
It's a real quality guitar, a one-of-a-kind!!
It has a character that won't leave you indifferent, either you love it or you don't!!
I think it's a guitar that is very faithful to the sound of its creator: Brilliant, with presence and unique!!
Personally, I was ecstatic with it!!

A real marvel! (Axis 25th Anniversary)

By O&C, 01/09/2017
Which amplifier and/or effect(s) do you use with this guitar?

I’ve use dit with an all-tube fender blues junior and many effect stompboxes (blackstar, tc electronics....)
I play in almost every styles except death metal, and it shines in all of them.

What are your thoughts on the workmanship, electronics, and finish of this instrument?

Well, actually… This is a 4000-buck guitar made by Music Man’s best luthiers, so the finish and workmanship are of course excellent.
The guitar perfectly keeps in tune, even with a radical use of the tremolo bar. It’s not a Floyd Rose, but it perfectly does the job.

Do clean, crunchy and distorted sounds adapt well to different microphone positions? Are the guitar's different frequencies and sounds well-balanced?

The guitar features two modes – parallel and series, for a total 10 different pickup positions (5 in each mode).

Series mode provides very Gibsonian tones, and even if you don’t getthe exact sound of a Les Paul you get very close to it. Fat sound ahead: from clean to distorted, it’s all about big sounds.

Parallel mode almost makes you forget you’re playing on a humbucker-equipped guitar, and delivers the good old beloved fender twangy sound that has graces so many musical styles.

Each position delivers different sensations, ranging from mellow to sharp – but always balanced.

What are the pros and cons of this guitar?

Most of all, I appreciate its unbeatable versatility: it’s perfect for a huge variety of styles – plus it’s beautiful, too! ^^

Even at such a rather high price, this guitar is exceptional and definitely deserves your interest.

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