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User Review

Great solid state amp - Reviews Crate GFX-65

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
There seems to be a lot of negative reviews on Crate solid state amps. I've been playing guitar over 40 yrs.. I'm not a beginner. I've owned and played through a LOT of amps. I have modified and upgraded many amps as well. I've done solid state, hybrids, and tube amps from low end to high end. I currently own a Crate GX212 and GFX65. I play mostly classic rock, southern rock, jazz, blues, and country. I don't use the high gain channels on the Crate amps because I'm not in to metal or heavy distortion. I absolutely love the clean channels on my Crate solid state amps. They have plenty of punch(guts) with chime and sparkle. I use pedals for overdrive and light distortion. These amps IMO are some of the best amps for clean tone and clean headroom. They have more than enough volume for gigging. Except for the Jazz Chorus 120, the Crate is my go-to amp for almost everything I play and every place I gig. I set mine up by dimming the bass, mid, and treble. I then back off which ever control that I have too much off. IMHO these are excellent amps....especially for the money!!