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User Review

Strong Solid State Amp - Reviews Dean Markley DMC-80

Dean Markley DMC80 Stereo/Chorus 2x10. The amp is 100% Solid State, 50watt X 2..100 watt output.
It has a Tank Spring Reverb, and Chorus. Very Loud for a Combo amp.
The review by Moosehermans information was Wrong..this amp do not have any other effects than the
Reverb and Chorus(He must of been thinking about a different amp when he wrote his review)
I rate the characteristics of the Dean Markley DMC80 Guitar Amp at a Strong 8.


Even though the amp is a Solid State rig,it has a really good clean channel,smooth and creamy. Add
some Reverb and it Shines! The Drive(Boost) Channel is strong,but I bought the amp for its cleans!
Ease of use rates a 9.


The K Series DMC80 has a Drive Voicing Module switch located in the rear panel of the amp. This can
change the voicing of this amp to suit the player,so..options are up to you!
I rate the sound at 8.


The Dean Markley guitar amps have been discontinued for some time,but..they still make a Acoustic
line of amps. In my opinion,the DMC80 is very close to a Tube Amp without the large cost. This amp
is Not a bedroom amp,its very Loud,it needs to be played to show what it can do! I have owned many
different amps over the years,both SS and Tube. This is One Of The Better SS amps that I've Owned!
I'm Happy to have this Amp.