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User Review

Loud Little Baby Amp - Reviews Hiwatt Bulldog 10

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Beginners
I wasn't duped by the label. I know a little of the history of Dave Reeves and Hiwatt. And these little Chinese made Bulldogs aren't real Hiwatts. So I almost passed this guy by. But I was in the market for an amp that could easily pack up and come along for little hotel room jams, etc.

I was so pleasantly surprised when I plugged into this. It's just one channel (which I prefer). And it really sings. I primarily play Gibson Les Pauls. This Bulldog loves the humbuckers and really coaxes great sustain and punch out of every note.

It can be a little shrill. I've found that it works best if you turn the Treble control all the way down, the Bass control all the way up, and then use the Mids control as your only variable tone knob. With Treble down and Bass up, the Mids actually sweeps through the useable ranges of tones from shrill to swamp pretty effectively.

The gain on this is just perfect for me. Dimed, you get into AC/DC territory. Nice and crunchy, but not fizzy and crazy. And the Master volume. Good Lord! I never would have believed that a 6 inch speaker could get that loud. I mean, this isn't going to replace your Marshall stack anytime soon. But it's loud enough to get the neighbors calling the police on you if you crank it.

I'm in love with this little thing!