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User Review

Anonymous's review - Marlboro Sound Works G-20B

It's a transistor amp. The power is 20W.
This is an amp to work at home, in a group for RPTES can build (warning that the distortion will change the sound) but for people playing softly and a drummer tr s wise (if a exists).

He has a very big advantage is that it's a guitar amp or a bass amp. They possdent two entries.
It is very simple volume, a severe acute and of course a market stop.
Another point is Lger.


Indeed it is bourgeois work. The amp is very simple.
One or two good pedals and presto you can play quietly at home.
The sound is okay, nothing more.
The Intrets is to have this type of amp deuxime amp at home, it allows the guitarist or bassist buddy to come without enmenner amp and as has made a small rp you simplistic without lugging the whole shebang.
Since there is only one channel if you push the amp saturates its bottom. What is not necessarly dsagrable, but that does not sound even when saturated hard rock.


Would fulfill difficult, it has the sound of a transistor amp, much better, thanks to its 12p Hp, that tiny amp m. .. Trade sale to beginners. But this is by no means an amp on which little work on her. This is an amp to play, possibly with a pedal. anyway I like his clean sounds a bit much, to have a sonority lgre saturation at some 60's garage
I plugged over a gibson firebrand (mine) and strata, and a low rate and even a box between the bass. Oh yes in case I would not clear, it does not plug all at the same time otherwise has saturated.


This is my first amp. I have since 1988. I bought used 350 francs (53 euros). I have not tried others at the time of purchase c'tait occasion. The report quality unbeatable prices silent. APRS I bought one for more power, but I always kept it there, I never sell the song. He accompanies me as deuxime Respectfully amp. And when I've got people home, I plugged in and hop still works and I can type jam with a buddy.
Exprience with this choice I would do without hesitating a second.
Knowing that there is better and that much has changed since. But over the era, I am a fan.
Myspace fan, you can see a picture on my myspace in my pictures: