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User Review

Amp outsized rare for a transistor - Reviews Marshall 5205 Reverb 12 [1984-1991]

Transistor amplifier, input, line out and headphone jack.
Power 12w rms (note that even when decanted).
Adjusting bass / middle / treble, volume, gain, and reverb.


Ultra simple setup, you plug it on and go!
No need for manual equalization is ultra-efficient, as well as reverb, which is a spring.


Is it your style of music?
Widely fan hard rock, blues, I'm thrilled.
What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "bold", ....)?
Anything goes, from clean, crunch distortion, I play with a Gibson equipped slash alnico 2.
I have personally never heard a jcm 800 (set apart on yout ...) says it is part of this legendary series, however, I want to believe, there are easily Grain this time.
I do not pedal arm, the sound is there!
I have tried to connected to the 12 "(original with 8", unlike the lead 12 which makes it 10 ") is too strong a quarter of the volume.
8 hp "marshall s300 model is really good, tried it with a greenback 10 or 12" for those who are pushing the beast, because it definitely reserve, not played in a room of 10 m² has half the volume, ruined without ears!


I use it for a few months now, I went through a few before power amp has low lights, for home use it is largely over, this is the first time I hear such a grain, we look for lamps, because it is warm, creamy, dynamic ...
I looked at the origin a lead 12, it does not have the reverb, but input 2 hig / low, I came across it by chance for 80 euros, since I seek a second in case it is found.
With experience, you do again this choice?
Yes, I look for another meme!

If you find one to date has less than 100 euros, run because you will not have two opportunities, and because of its rarity and the sound quality of the device, its price risk installed!