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User Review

elsy's review - Marshall 5210 [1981-1991]

Amp transistors and yes 50w 2 channels a spring reverb all is said already


Config very simple a general master volume per channel EQ per channel except a no middle on clear common reverb is connected and is immediately sound and which sound well I'll talk


Then c is c is the slap of the transistor but it sounds pure vintage sound in a line jcm 800 are is not as hyper compress on forgiveness valvmerdcredi or other novelty marshall good Reston seriously its own very clear with enough foil the reverb has spring it sounds true to the guitar that you wish to connect so if c is not terrible must change guitar note I used the Strat with each micro lace sensor and c was a drop anything to envy a fender with a guit Type les paul c is less flashy channel satu it sounds the vintage has full nose gives a wonderful crunch to the UK has a very pop rock satu ramones style oasis it is a great phone to try his attention to the MESSIEUR mettaleux death metal and maryline manson bye bye c is not for you guys you're going to break bands bibi5210 gross and there is more and more rare to occas then must take care not resentful guys


To sum it is a very very good amp that sounds good vintage marshall of its 70 years it is often compared to jcm 800 d BTW it was done in the same time care I have not said that c was a jcm 800 but I and I'm not the only one to say that the sound is really s c a closer amplie which does not denature the guitar and it really takes the fun has to ring feels it is living like a tube amp c is a joy I would change it for the world to say that playing in another style j would buy another one but keep toujour found in the sale from time to time but it depends ca is increasingly rare because usually the people who possesses the one we really careful when we were playing a slap on recent marshall or ValvesT and say that he has more than 20 years progress when you hold us ..... desoler for fottes bye toue the world