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User Review

Surprising - Reviews Marshall 5212 Split Channel Reverb [1986-1991]

Value For Money : Excellent
Everything has been said. It is a powerful amp.


This amp to an interesting feature, as the name suggests "split chanel" the two channels are mixable. There is no channel selector (except footswitch) and suddenly can modulate both channels to find his sound. A bit like an old plexi (without jack). This feature is very interesting because it can shape a terrible sound and light crunch with just the volume knob of the guitar. Very suitable for humbuckers. I rejoin the previous opinion, there is a good sound very quickly. Equalization is fine and the presence button needed to climb on stage. Its close to the Marshall JCM 800 (the design is similar ... Lamps less) transistors 80s are above what we find today.


Marshall of his race. I play a Gibson Les Paul Classic 2005. Very nice clear sound. Great for blues even edgy, with a TS and a good analog distortion can even tackle the heavy without being ridiculous. Rather I play 70's rock and there is great. Perfect by repeating or small / medium sized scenes. Focus analog pedals, he does not like the digital effects. The effects loop has no interest for me. I am careful to give an opinion on the matter. Spring reverb. Simple but effective, the race knob is a bit exaggerated. From 5 it is difficult to use.


This is an amp that is rare but make transistors that can still be found pretty cheap. Since it is indestructible and extremely simple design (and thus repair) is a good plan.