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User Review

Very good --god sent amp ! - Reviews Marshall VS15R

Its solid state amp,, 15watts power, 2gain knobs, treble, contour (better than just middle), bas, spring reverb, main out, headphones out, master volume.


You can amazingly get all sort of sounds with this fantastic amp, right from warm crystal clean, to warm blues, rock overdrive and even metal ! It suits my needs very well- I play mostly classic rock, some simple lead guitar, Jimmy Hendrix style, John Frusciante, david Gilmour, Mark Knophler and Eric Clapton... However you turn that knobs sounds amazing. Knobs are very strong, very touch sensitive + good looking, whole amp is actually real beauty !


I use mostly my Fender -Squier Affinity model, which is heavily modified into Fender. What I really like with this amp is that you cannot get bad sound--right from clean to heavily overdrive
all sound really good. If you combine 2 gain knobs and specially contour knob--rage of sounds is limitless !! Plus spring reverb sounds really natural ! Sound is really natural--its the pure sound of your guitar --just making it even more beautiful! I dont know how they did it at marshall, but I dont miss tubes at all with this little fellow !


I am very sincere with my reviews always and this is no exception ! I like everything on this amp---it looks cool really handsome + sound cool ! Its my third Marshall. First was 17 years back alos Valvestate but first series model.. 8240 stereo bi chorus--also amazing amp ! I dont know why but this one sounds even better no matter much more simple ! Like I said I love tube amps but dont miss valves in this amp at all--this says all ! For this price such a quality sound is a real gift from the God --I am eternally grateful ! I would certainly buy it again for sure ! I know my review sounds little cheesy, but I am sincere here, rocker for many years and really feel the way I wrote about this amp ! Cannot help myself ! I think in couple of years people will search this amp like crazy ! I hope mine will work for a long time !
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