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User Review

Marshall VS15R - Reviews Marshall VS15R

My Dad bought this one for me for £90 in Thetford for Christmas

You get alot for your money the clean is exerlent for a 15w and is a true example of how Marshall bring the standard up.
The distortion is so crisp and sharp and it has alot of power for a an amp of this size

The amp starts to gain alot of unwanted fuzz when you turn it up and is pants for playing in a band because like alot of valvestates it has no presants.
the reverb is tereble and you mite as well be playing in a shed.

allthough its not the bigest in the world like most Marshall amps this is very stong and dos'nt mind being knocked.

You may think im makeing a fuss about nothing but this truly is a good buy and a tipicle Marshall brilliant for home use.

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