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Randall RG 75 G2

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Too compressed for me...

By King Loudness, 24/10/2011
The Randall RG75 is a 1x12 combo amplifier from the company that is designed to offer a versatile and good sounding rig in a portable and affordable package. It has two channels, one clean and one drive. There is also an onboard effects section with various modulation and time based effects built in as well. It has a single Celestion speaker and a sleek and refined exterior. It's a very good amp considering the price point, especially having the built in effects to allow more tonal variations.


Getting a good sound out of this amp isn't difficult. Like many amps in this class it has a very easy to use interface and adapts itself well to different players and styles. It doesn't sound as tubelike as some other amps like the Peavey Bandit or Studio Pro but it does have a bit more versatility available as a plus. I find it to be a bit too flat and compressed in genreal, but for some more modern metal players that type of sound might work well. It's really all a matter of opinion.


This amplifier sounds fairly cool for certain things, but it suffers the fatal flaw of being too compressed for truly good clean or drive tones. Fans of that Dimebag esque buzzsaw metal tone might be totally into this amp, but if you want good clear cleans and a singing drive tone with lots of articulation and bite, look elsewhere. I should also mention that it's a very quiet 75 watts and gets lost in a band mix quite easily... not a killer trait by any means. The effects onboard are of reasonable quality and sound good but the core tone from the amp just isn't for me.


All in all I think the Randall RG75 is a decent practice or jamming tool for the modern rock or metal player who likes a very compressed sort of tone. They can be had for about $200 used which is a good deal for someone on a budget. I personally would prefer a Peavey Bandit or Vypyr as I find they sound superior, but it's all a matter of one's opinion! If you're a fan of compressed metal type tones on a budget this amp might be worth a shot.

ropers29's review

By ropers29, 21/09/2009
75w amp transistor, no effect apart reverb, 2gain, treble, midlle, bass, outline
4ohm and 8ohm external output
a pedalboard 4 buttons


easy to use, powerful amp, if you go up the gain and bass It's breath away
rather his metal


rather I play hard rock and it sounds good, blues rock ca goes too nice reverb
voicin button to change the midlle frequende (useful when you turn up the sound)
2 gain knob when it is pushed thoroughly to join ????

no need to pedal distortion


<div> I own the last 5 years I am satisfied
I had a marshall front, randall has over fishing, I was trying to further the vox style line6, I trove pretty good
Good value
+ Powerful sound amplifier good quality, simple adjustment, nice reverb,
- Lacks a bit of versatility </div>

benije's review

By benije, 27/12/2006
Transistor amplifier 75watts, 2 channels (clean and overdrive), headphone jack, reverb ... See more advice;) !
Comes with a footswitch (at least I got it with).


Use of this amp is very simple. We did not even need the manual!
There are relatively buttons above can then be easily found there.

Only weak point: the buttons for the volume are sensitive trs! it is enough to brush against your finger so that the sound volume increases (especially low volume).

I put 8 / 10 because of the volume buttons too sensitive.


This amp is quite versatile:

The clean sounds sound good. In disto he beats everyone lol! You push the gain and you are the king of metal! In addition the sound is not a precise one odd boiled ds we play faster!

I play it with an Epiphone Special II. It's low-end but I get an even larger distortion on when! Then the high-end guitars like Ibanez or ESP must be the rve!

I would but 9 / 10 because the clean sound is very well but hey there's more!

I correct the shoot! APRs have to try other amps, this is not the trs versatile ... The sounds are super clean and too cold slammin my taste. The distortion, I can not find more powerful super APRS try to have Mesa or ENGL. I put 6 / 10


It's been about a month since I bought it. He did not deu as all sounds are good on it! What I like most is a distortion! Tips for all metalheads! APRS is a matter of taste ...
Warning! Disto buy a spare is not ncessaire!

Good qualitprix. (I got 650 Swiss francs so about 430 euros).

tef''s review

By tef', 28/01/2006
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Very simple, nothing to say, a boy of 4 years with mittens understand how it works ..


Well then ... I played with a yamaha erg 121 and I am an AES820 pass on ...
I was with all the metallic sound that dchire grav etc etc ...
it is true that for everything mtal, this amp is really gnial ... but only for what goes into the mtal ... especially with AES ...
Now the default:
- Ben regarding not mtal not bad, nothing more ...
- The two are completely identical overdrive ... only the volume changes ...
- The clean boost, a slight crunch census cr cr does nothing at all ... same, only the volume changes ...
being given that I never play or almost mtal .. ben forcment is not nirvana ... but hey not bad at all even when


I've had 1 year and a half now, I play a lot of blues, funk ... a password, but no more ... I found this cool amp to beginners, not very expensive and I played mtal (yes j'tait still a teenager lol, just kidding it's not just the teen who play m tal) ... Now I have volumes I play other styles, which makes them less well on this amp, too bad. In short: I counsel any self-respecting metalhead to buy it for a really gnial and holds the road very well cot with a battery! For non-metallic cons I think it would be better to live even if it is still pretty even across ... I would do not elect now ... I'd tap into the most personal amp lamp ...
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  • Manufacturer:Randall
  • Model:RG 75 G2
  • Category:Solid-State Combo Guitar Amps
  • Added in our database on: 04/02/2004

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