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User Review

Bbr6704's review - Tech 21 Trademark 30

Transistor combo amp, 30w, with a 10 inch hp.
3 "models" analog (that's why I put quotation marks modeling, it is not digital), three levels of earnings, and 3 types of emulations hp.
It's all analog, with the addition of these presets, gain adjustment, an active equalization, reverb and a master.
Behind, an effects loop, external hp output, XLR DI output for recording, and a headphone output.
This is done bine, it looks tough, and at the same time, it's light, which is good practice to move!
Mine is a former manufactured in the U.S..


Both simple and complex! Let me explain:
Simply because in the choice of character, it is super simple: an emulation types fender, a marshall typed, and typed a mesa.
In short, choosing a type of amplifier, a gain level, a type of hp, and you can play, and it sounds!
on the other hand, active equalization is very sensitive and precise, as soon as one enters into it, it gets complicated: it can drastically change the sound completely, and it is a long fumbling to find exactly what you wants.
There are also plenty of examples of sounds on the site of 21 tech habits, it can start with a wide range, and fine-tune his guitar and according to his tastes.
Basically, I would say though that the use is simple, it is far from a gas factory!
The only regret is the absence of any means to change her via a footswitch, it would have been top notch: to switch from clean to a distorted sound, for example, must be a manipulation to manually, or use a foot pedal ... it is the only negative I found him.


Here we go to the heart!
There are three types of sound that some say, and it's true, but good 3.
I tried several digital amps before opting for the trademark, and it was quickly folded!
New small toys offer a sling load of amps and effects, and all kinds of stuff, but never one's drinking!
Here is just the opposite: We may be fewer opportunities (it remains to be demonstrated because the palette is still very large), but that's good!
This gives a range of tonal colors with Equalization, for each type of amps available.
Where sometimes it is still surprising is that the EQ is very sensitive and efficient, which is both a plus and a minus times: it also happens to make sounds not so good, that sound not, if we emphasize too certain settings ...
And what is especially striking is the report: it is a bit on some of the saturated compressed, but what a dynamic and above all, what grain!
The first time I played it, I followed an example set of ac / dc 21 proposed by tech: it sounds ac / dc! It increases a little gain, it sounds Appetite era Guns!
The sound is really tip top! Same plain, was a wide range, you push a little gain, and presto, Keith Richards, here I am!
And so on.
In the end, I managed to find a good equation common to a clear and popping sounds, suddenly, a manipulation of the mode, and now I have at hand everything I need to cushy play at home, with excellent sound reproduction!
Moreover, during a test, first turn all the EQ at noon, with play modes, there's already something to do more than pleasure, then after only touch the EQ settings, you will see ...
Last point: the reverb is superb!


I have this amp for some months now: I have tried a lot in the range "small amp for home and play with others", it buries everything I've tried!
I tested the vox, the Roland, the line 6, the peavey, yamaha, well I think it's two worlds: The modeling of any kind I was never convinced it sounds sometimes, but never "true" to my ears! Here, the sound is organic, living, real, that's what I wanted.
The power is decent and can play alone at home, and one also feels that he has under the hood to have a voice in a jam for example.
The finish is good, it is very compact, easy to handle, has a nice face, in short, that happiness!
I touched occas at a rate of € 150 must be worth knowing that a little more than double in nine: the price of nine, I think I have a little hesitant, but then, at that price, it was almost closed eyes! So I would do almost without hesitation that choice!
It has a good record, at several levels of volume, it still sounds.
And especially, I repeat myself and that's pretty subjective, but what is striking is that this amp has grain, character, and it is my most important in an amp of any kind!
Frankly, I highly recommend this product to try! (D'' Moreover, it is now a bunch of time proposed by 21 without high tech evolution, perhaps because there is not much to improve on it).