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User Review

Excellent amp lounge - Reviews Tech 21 Trademark 30

All transistor amp. It says it all analog. By opening the lid, you can see all the same processors everything is mini component. It may be 100% analogiqu, but especially the electronic microphone.
Anyway, it does not change anything.
Power 30w announced. Ideal for living room, dt has a direct output xlrpour sortire versune table. So nickel.
The settings: as said everywhere, we rule the type of amp between fender, marshall and mesa, on what they call MOD rule, according to the same type of amp. I would say it is the twang, or attack. Finally, the sensitivity of the speaker (its simulation) is rule by the three same categories.
It is not difficult though.
The connection: there is everything.
The spring reverb: perfect.


So it's very simple. Basically, there are three amps in one room sound format.
After can be modulated by crosses.
Personally, I use the HP "Brit" which deflated quite sound fender and gives it a tangy flavor. This is the sound I love, that's all.


Amp perfect show.
The sound is very good vraiement.
I tested the amp between 10 and 60 lamp and transistor.
This one is excellent and versatile.
In addition it is very good for an amp and very well finished.
The knob can sculpt yet to bring more brightness and dosing serious. The drive does its job conventional manner.
Anyway, I found my sound, not strong fort.
That is to say the sound of a Blues Deluxe. And it is the same ea recording.
Long as I'm on a JCM 800, but not strong.
Pr compared to fender amps teansistor it is vriament best. Pr compared to marshall vintage thpe lead 12 combo or master, it is rounder, less "Harsh".


I also tried the 60 trademark. It's a big beast that is noisy vacuum. So for dalon, c't not great. Put it was the top one.
I took her little brother. It is perfect.
Fapport quality price?
Buy € 270. This is the price.

And yes, I will advise the amp everyone. But it is very difficult to find!