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User Review

moosers's review - Tech 21 Trademark 30

The Tech 21 Trademark 30 is a single channel, single speaker guitar combo amplifier. It's a solid state amplifier, with a single 10" speaker and 30 watts of power. It has a slew of connections, including 1/4" jacks for instrument input, headphones, external speaker output, and return and send effect loops. It also has an XLR direct output, which is cool to have on a guitar amp and somewhat rare.


The Tech 21 Trademark 30 has a good amount of parameters to play with. It has a unique character and modeling section, with amp, speaker, and mode three way switches. For amp modeling, you can choose between tweed, British, and California settings, while the speaker gives you US, UK, or flat settings to choose from. The modes to choose from include clean, hot, and hi gain. This make up is the same as some of Tech 21's trademark modeling pedals. The main parameters on the amp are knobs for drive, low, mid, and high EQ, reverb, and level. No need for a manual here.


The sound of the Tech 21 Trademark 30 is really good, but it's still always going to be a solid state amp. While it's super clean sounding, it does sound like a solid state amp no matter how much you mess with the setting. Even so, it's a nice sounding amplifier and will definitely be suitable for recording in many situations. I like how much control you have, and the XLR output actually sounds quite realistic. Still, I prefer micing the amp and in the end would still like it to be a tube amp, but as far as solid state amps go, this is up there with the best of it's size.


The Tech 21 Trademark 30 is a nice little solid state amplifier for use in the studio or on the stage. It's not expensive and you can get a good amount of differing sounds between the different character settings. It's an awesome amp to have, but I'd still recommend complementing it with a tube amp for times when you just can't live without it. Still, this is a solid recording amp and definitely should be checked out for those guitarists looking for a good amount of control in a solid state amplifier.