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User Review

Unbelievable but attention ... - Reviews Marlboro Sound Works 1200R

Head or mini guitar amp sound?
115 Watts?
4 input independent volume like a mini sound
a spring reverb on each channel (on / off, setting common)
fuse to fuse behind (speaker)


Config very simple, not rocket science
But for my part I faced a specific problem
The second day of my use, I plugged my digitech 2120 above
(I will return to the sound quality later).
Branch so I'm playing, I hearts, I engage the reverb of the amp, very big plop and pouf over her, I take my input jack, blue spark.
Output balance my digitech grilled head working.
Digitech for a trip to the repair will be needed (after the crisis), and the head I replace the fuse "speaker", the head works again impeccable (the fuse was originally after the seller, given the morphology Fuse is true).
So I do not branch more "anything" over that of the pedals, sudden problème.Peut be zero is that the rack? I know more I will bring about two (head and digitech) for ptite revision.


I could have because of this mishap return this head, it would seem very reasonable, a killer head ... it seriat besides a small miracle.
Sounds obtained its raw roots very, very dark little acute low very present and very folichon not yet in use repet reveals something of the incredible volume given the size, I use a poor cabinet marshall lead 1936, and his piercing everything in the mix, perfect present, then of course I put him in the ass a few pedals, but especially in the perspective of the dirty sound of the noyerdans of reverbs and delays, and well it does serious, and yet I have seen past amps (marshall, fender, hk, peavey, racketc ...) but suddenly I say wasted time and especially that of thunes spent since the object is really cheap.
Advent over the grid by digitech manipulation, and although it did also!


This head is out of age, very small, you draw a button you smash digital preamp, but damn this is probably one of the best things is that I spent in hands.
If I had to redo this choice? I would take not just one but two or even three, I would ask to see what a electronicien me clone by regulating the problem of switch.
So I wonder if my faolie lamps was not an illusion.
Anyway this amp estparfait to use as I did.