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User Review

micou's review - Marlboro Sound Works 1200R

Value For Money : Excellent
Amp transistors built in the USA in 70-80 years after the seller of my music store.
Power: There's strong 115 watts on the back of the head ... They are! I never pushed the volume above 2 / 10 if I become deaf!
Jack / jack between the head and the two baffles.
Settings-effects: 4 jack inputs with separate volume for each of them, a master volume, bass equalization + trebble, a spring reverb and switchable for each input separately (you pull the volume knob with an input for engage the reverb on it).
An output jack for an auxiliary amplifier.
A fuse for the amp head + a fuse to protect the speakers.
Two speakers mounted with 2 HP 10 "+ 1 tweeter in each of the baffles.


Use: Hyper simple -> you turn the knobs and his fate alone. We just have fun with reverb and EQ and two pots are having a nice little sound palette.
In terms of size this amp is great given its small size and low weight! The head is barely eight pounds and two 2x10 speakers "are respectively 13 kg. It's much easier to carry than a big 4x10 cabinet!


Sound: Sounds good vintage! The bass are present and the reverb is doing its job!
I play it with a Squier Stratocaster with Seymour Duncan and rendering is awesome! I plug along with my Warwick Proline 5c. If the pass without serious trouble!
Both speakers refer 2x10 really any potato sent to them!


I purchased this amp on ebay for a pittance (60 €!) That there are three weeks. It's really great fun to play with pals on the same amp with a look and sound like the right time!
For me, value for money is literally unbeatable! I was looking for a small amp used between 15 and 30 watts with a grain of its own (style orange-vox) and I end up with a triple body Made in USA of 115 watts that sends nasty! great!
This choice I would do without hesitation! It's really really nice to be able to connect at the same time scratching, bass, keyboard and maybe a drum machine!