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User Review

Prosssper's review - Radial Engineering PZ-Pre

As a first purchase of preamp I would say that everything is there in terms of connectivity.

-Possibility to connect two instruments (against adjusting the EQ will be the same for 2)
Piezo-Booster (not bad for passive piezo)
-Ability to combine two inputs (great for a guitar with two recording sources .... ex = a microphone in rosette and piezo sensors.
- Mute to agree ... Boost to play harder ...
-And everything else full connectivity to connect the beast to an amp or other mixer ...

All I say is o


Simple configuration.
Sound palette appointment ....
a real market ... Sound hot metal sound, EQ is amply his job.
What a pleasure tritouiller knobs and surprise, have fun listening to new sounds ....


I play guitar, fingerstyle as we say, in short, with the fingers: o

Before owning the tonebone pz pre, I plugged in my acoustic guitar directly (breedlove c25crh) directly into an amp AER Compact 60.

Guitar, being equipped with a piezo system (lr baggs) has a sound, once plugged into the EAR, when colder ...
Well, some would say ... piezo + EAR = metallic sound necessarily ...

In addition, from the classical guitar, I wanted a round, warm with an acoustic guitar (at least m closer to this goal).

With the pre-pz tonebone, this object is very very close ...


I have this little gem for 4 days, and c is my first model preamp.
I hesitated with the "D-tar Solstice", but the price is not the same.

What I love this tonebone:

Possibility of 2-plugger instruments and especially (for me by, t have installed a micro k & k trinity on my guitar) to mix two sources of sound recordings.
It mutates to agree in silence between two pieces
-The connectors ... more complete you die: p
EQ it a beautiful rich sound


-No phantom power
2nd-no EQ for the 2nd instrument ... good but the price would be the same

new price around 350 euros, may seem expensive, but it is a preamp that is well worth the shot.
I'm sure he will not leave my 'pedalboard' anytime soon.

If I had the choice again .... eyes closed :)