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User Review

purpletrain's review - Radial Engineering PZ-Pre

Value For Money : Excellent
Prampli Transistors,
Jack 6.35mm in between 1 and 2,
Out XLR output and Out Pre-EQ Post-EQ
Jack 6.35mm exit out.
6.35mm Jack for Tuner
Fader gain between 1 and 2,
Fader Gain for Boost
3-Band EQ,
Notch for the rgler frquence to avoid the feedback,
Two filters to cut bass frquences if Larsen.
The effects are achieved by connecting the loop switchable pedals.
Damage between the two has not its own rglages, when moving from a 1 to Folk on a Classic between the two must be serious change.
Even when I put 9!


We must choose the output: 2 XLR (1 and 2)
1) - Out pre-EQ (without loop) the sound is clear, gnreux, flattering.
2) - Out post-EQ (with loop) same as long as the loop not active, then the quality of active effects comes into play
3) - Output, identical Out the Post-EQ but Jack 6.35mm
To add an effect pedals, you need two cables, one to go, return.

Obetnir for a good sound, you just: plug in, turn, and it is happiness!

The manual in English, but the prampli is relatively simple to use.
I put 9 because the product is manufactured in Canada, and there is no manual in French!


The style of music:
The prampli should anyone looking for a scratching sound of amplified acoustic trs good quality!

I use a Line6 POD XT I put in a loop, which I dyed and amp simulator,
I only use effects when I need it.

I did tests with a sound card ESI ESP1010, Cubase4, speakers Prodipe8 monitoring, and a Yamaha sound system StagePass300.

What can I say except that it is excellent in many configurations:

a) - Ibanez AEG10N, micro piezo, electro-acoustic classic clean sound, powerful equilibrated.
b) - 12-string Takamine EF400s, electro-acoustic Folk: His clear, powerful sound of phosphor-bronze is very well refund you must drop a little treble to avoid this is loud, it comes from prampli microphone that is 25 and the piezo pickup!
c) - Yamaha DBX700 (double micro), the sound is frankly patant, the balance of microphones is 75% for the internal microphone boom / piezo.
d) - Fender Stratocaster (I tried to see), the sound is perfect for arpges, crystalline without warning.

The sounds I like least:
I tested it with a Fender amp FM212R, the sound is more difficult to avoid rgl it sounds like a thud, I must say I'm looking to have an acoustic guitar with an amp conut transistors to have a large and well saturated!


3 Days I have, and I feel that I can not dj longer free!
Most is the sound, unbelievable, as if I bought a G. .. n, a real scratch What!
The least that he would be available over the tt!
Before I tried a OneQ Joemeek, that's fine, but not as much, I kept the microphone.
The report qualitprix is ​​good, especially when you consider the price of Joemeek, or a good acoustic amp transplanted with a good micro!

Repeat this choice?
How direeuh, yes, yes, yes, I am the