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A review of the Audient ASP800 8-channel mic pre and ADC

Why Not Add Eight? Not long ago we reviewed iD14, a two-channel audio interface from the British console maker Audient, which features the same type of mic preamps that are in its mixers. Audient recently started shipping the ASP800, an eight-channel mic preamp and analog-to-digital converter that connects to the optical input of the iD14 or any other interface with optical I/O. read more…

Audient's Mico: The Test

The Mico Dual Preamp When a brand as serious as Audient comes out with a dual mic preamp with tube simulation circuitry, variable phase adjustment and digital outputs for around $1100, one thinks that this type of product may interest more than one home-studio owner. So, disappointment or revelation? read more…

Portico Series: The Test

Rupert Neve Designs Portico Series Neve. If there’s one name that causes the studio professional’s pulse to quicken, this is it! Even if the company has gone their own separate way with AMS since 1985, Rupert Neve, creator of the brand, has not hung up his soldering iron and is still creating new modules for his Portico range. read more…

User reviews on Solid-State Pre-amp products

Powerful and silent. (Triton Audio - FetHead)

By Rick Dinsmore, 25/11/2016
This is an elegant solution to mics that require a lot gain. Device uses phantom power but does NOT pass this on to mics. (A different model is available for mics that require phantom power).
Attaching right into the mic your XLR cable goes into the other end. Device is light but solid, adds 20db of gain that is totally silent and does not color your audio in any way.
Fifty bucks cheaper than a Cloudlifter and much smaller and easier to use.

GML 8304 Mic preamps - Gain on a wire (GML - 8304)

By Ty Ford, 08/10/2017
I had a Pro Tools LE rig and a DIGI 001. All in the cost was under $1k USD. I could hear deficiencies. I was reviewing gear for Pro Audio Review. I suggested a review of the GML 8304 and got a green light. That was about 1996-1997. After rigorous testing and reviewing the 8304, I bought it. It's been running constantly in my studio since then. I have had to return it only once for service.

I use it for instrument and voice recording in my studio. I have tested other mic pres. I currently own an Millennia Media STT-1. It's fancier and much more expensive.

Pros: As I said, Gain On A Wire
Cons: Expensive

I love it!!! (Sound Skulptor - MP573)

By verymuch, 19/04/2018
I use this preamp in my home studio/project studio.
As I love great electronic circuitry, I wish I could afford a Neve 1073, but since I can’t I decided to try this API500-format rendition of it. The result is a very good surprise.
While I can’t actually compare it with a real 1073, I can confirm the feeling of it being “larger than the real thing”.
First on a drum kick, just through headphone, the result was pure pleasure! (this feeling was confirmed later after recording and mixing)
The same with a snare or a DI-ed bass: a big, big sound.
My Soundcraft Venue II’s preamps now seem a bit thin-sounding, though they’re still correct. As to my TC "Gold channel" preamp, it shows its difference: while a bit “cold”-sounding compared with the MP573, it remains very classy and clear. I can get results just as punchy after working on it and a little help from my DBX 566.
My MP573 is the first version, with a matte black front, which I put in a Bento 2.

The only thing I regret with the MP573 is its lack of an output level setting, as the more you push the gain the huger the sound gets… The problem being to be able to attenuate it afterward.! As soon as I start getting the MP573 to clip, I’ve been in the red for a while on both my mixer and (even worse) my sound interface! So, I have to use the DBX566 for attenuation.
This small problem has not dissuaded me from buying a new ready-to-assemble unit (a new version, with impedance choice on the input) which I have just received. Next, the EQ.

Now, excuse me to leave but the iron’s hot and waiting for me!

News Solid-State Pre-amp

[NAMM] JHS Pedals adopts 500 format

Published on 01/24/16
JHS Pedals converts its line of guitar effect pedals to the 500 format, with six models introduced at the NAMM and to be released later this year.

Feature Articles Solid-State Pre-amp

Seven DIs on the Spot

Published on 09/28/11
Seven DIs on the Spot
In the studio and on stage, DI boxes are indispensable to match impedances, make re-amping or avoid noises. However, it's not easy to choose a DI box from the multiple options available. So, when Fre…

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API 312

$699 Reverb classified ad

Golden Age Project Pre-73 MKIII

$250 Reverb classified ad