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User Review

The Butcher - Reviews Chandler Limited Germanium Preamp/DI

Germanium transistor preamp
Micro and XLR DI XLR output
Very simple, a Knob gain, a feedback, and then the traditional phantom power, pad, Phase and especially, especially the Thick.
Alim deported.
Well built, well finished, having hyper-readable LED meter.


Nothing could be simpler, just know how to use a preamp of course ...
Manual? What for?
We need to find the desired setting between gain and feedback


Well, bah now, that's when it does, then yes, it is typed, oh yes it is typed, worshipers of SSL, it is not for you. The character, who looks like a y'en is incisive, it's pretty hard to describe but on a bass, with the permanently active Thick, it''s just huge. In the mix, I iron, bass drum and Bass just to get the grain.
It can work for everything, it's just a matter of color.


I've had it almost 2 years.
worked with me at a lot of stuff:
Avalon VT737, I hate this machine, what's that soft ass ...
Neve 8801 preamp also super
SSL Alpha VHD, much more transparent (although I put the VHD to build on 3rd)
Midas XL42, nothing to say, also killing
Not counting what's on board console (Midas Heritage 1000, Midas PRO6, Digico ...)
It is by far my favorite preamp, but again it is a matter of taste and grain, we can not do anything with, but being a fan of alternative and jazz ....
Like everything in this machine: the look, sound .....
The price may seem high, but hey, for the sound, do not skimp on quality, so obviously the price.
I will ever be the same choice, and I intend not to stop there with Chandler