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User Review

At this price, hard to beat. - Reviews Focusrite ISA One

Value For Money : Excellent
In short, this is a pre-amp transistors which enjoys a very good build quality (I even opened out of curiosity to see), well equipped and very clever at the possibilities of connectivity, full and strong at its controls. Part DI is excellent and very well thought out as it allows re-amplification is rare enough to be noted.
I bought the version with the A / D option is identical cards équipants other racks ISA series, very professional and impossible to fault. I highly recommend this option if you will be using in conjunction with an audio interface and low midrange equipped with S / PDIF or ADAT (type Digi002 as is my case), because it does a much better job at the analog / digital conversion.
My only regret: I would have appreciated the presence of a small compressor of the same ilk as the pre-amp section on this machine. That said, as it is equipped with an effects loop (bypassable more!), It is always possible to add (or anything else for that like a reverb or EQ) ... Ah! And a rack version was not too bad.


The manual is clear and very complete, everything is detailed. So the grip is also quick and easy.


If you need a pre-amp that colors, this is not the place to look! I personally bought just for its transparency, but its absence is almost the same breath when pushed (which is very rare). If indeed it is used with good microphones, it will make a perfect job. It has the possibility to adjust the input impedance, which is very useful when you have microphones ribbons for example ...
Part DI is one of the best I've seen so far (along with the Mindprint Envoice Mk I), you can forget the very expensive Avalon U5 is IMHO worse and I could resell the same time!


Purchased in England and pay for £ 439 (roughly € 549) to replace a Mindprint Envoice Mk I out of breath and overcome the poor performance of preamps and conversion of my Digi002 to the extent possible, and especially critical for decision (vocals, guitars, bass).
Before making my decision I have tried a few other models in this price range (TLAudio, JoeMeek) or more expensive (AU 610), or less (Golden Age Pre73). Although I found the Golden Age quite surprising, and AU 610 excellent, none of the two only had A / D converters, or the same flexibility in connectivity. As for the other two, they were clearly not at the same level ...
After some 10 months of intensive use, the results are more than satisfactory, and in this price range it is unbeatable in my opinion, whether made under the sound of his clever versatility, or its general characteristics. Quality / price excellent. I would do this choice without a doubt.