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User Review

GML 8304 Mic preamps - Gain on a wire - Reviews GML 8304

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I had a Pro Tools LE rig and a DIGI 001. All in the cost was under $1k USD. I could hear deficiencies. I was reviewing gear for Pro Audio Review. I suggested a review of the GML 8304 and got a green light. That was about 1996-1997. After rigorous testing and reviewing the 8304, I bought it. It's been running constantly in my studio since then. I have had to return it only once for service.

I use it for instrument and voice recording in my studio. I have tested other mic pres. I currently own an Millennia Media STT-1. It's fancier and much more expensive.

Pros: As I said, Gain On A Wire
Cons: Expensive