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Sony DTC

Sony DTC-77ES

User reviews on Sony DTC products

Dad's review (Sony - DTC-690)

By Dad, 30/10/2002
I wish to make you aware of the quality of magnetic media you use in your devices DAT.
The weak point of these devices is the upper drum (the cylinder on which the heads are fixed)
Some brands of K7 tapes have trs abrassives rduisent that the life of the heads of Manir significant. Replacing the upper drum is almost forgotten given the cot!
The Abrasivi bands decreases as a measure that is the utilises.Il prferable rutiliser if possible, several times the same K7.
However, some brands have a system that coating that magntique Reduces Whereas this phnomne of abarasivit.
My advice for this type of media, DAT, 8MM, DVC is to choose a manufacturer rnomm and absolutely avoid brands cans.
The problem arises much less or not at all with A-type supports ADAT (SVHS), VHS-C, VHS ...

unreliable mechanical + fragile model to avoid (Sony - DTC-ZE700)

By waltermoon, 09/12/2012
This plate dat ZE-700 is one of the worst built by the firm despite Sony one attractive design first glance but watch out:
The internal mechanics (largest in detail one dat) is not robust and quickly goes awry.
is one entry-level model for the general public and not Pro.
DTC-790 has the same mechanism announced by the end of sony dat ...
In the same series ZE-700 is that it is always the same failures that happen and often on the same mechanical parts.
Tape guides are blocked or let go very quickly.
Repair is also very difficult to see even very expensive, of + Sony provided no more spare parts for this model or other dat.
On ze-700 must be avoided to read bands 120 to 180 minutes, this is clearly notified on the "Service Manual"
Quality / Price: opportunity in this model should not exceed 60-75 €
with experience: I would do not choose to invest in this model 1 model but Pro + and robust over time.

a good machine (Sony - DTC-ZE700)

By pilloo, 23/03/2013
How long have you been using?
+ 3 years

Did you try many other models before buying it?
Tascam DA-P1

What is so special that you like most and least?
+ the sound quality, dat, you say normal
the - I'm still looking
ps: I use sony pdp 125 bands for quite some time, no worries ;)

How do you rate the quality / price?
hard to say, but if the machine has not been sudden it's a good deal of time on condition to have utility

With experience, you do again this choice? ...

Dmontana's review (Sony - DTC-57ES)

By Dmontana, 27/04/2006
I use it for 3 years

A great product, steady as a rock, never down, never a problem with DAT and exemplary behavior.

I love the LP function (double the record length)
I also like and coaxial digital inputs and outputs of this model, they are connected to my coax out of my PC sound card and I get a digital recording quality.
Easy to use and with many possibilities model for a DAT tape recording (renumbering pieces, easy search index, rewind and fast forward tape, etc ....)

This is a pro model that is still being used in several recording studios for the final recording before pressing CD's.

Its price was expensive to buy, but I would do this choice without cars problem is an excellent product.