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Sony PCG

Sony PCG-FR215S

User reviews on Sony PCG products

faya vince's review (Sony - PCG GRT 915M)

By faya vince, 23/04/2004
I've had about 3 months. I needed a laptop, both for his work on my home than to be able to carry through improvisation sessions with my buddies. I use a Motu 828 mk2.

J'apprcie lot design (simple and good taste), finish (it is fortunately far from the cheapness of plastoc SERIES FR), the quality of the screen (and colors DEFINITIONS beautiful) ...

Ngatifs at points, I would say the noise of the fan, when used rclamant lot of CPU resources.
The weight (it is a bit heavy the guy, but hey another ct ca srieux is ...).
The weakness of the hard charging battery (45 minutes max large in use supported computer music).
This is because the processor is a Pentium 4 2.8 ghz true and not a Pentium M, optimized for mobile use ...
The lack of USB 2.0 connection. There are only 3 ports, this may seem a lot but soon we find ourselves in need (midi keyboard, mouse, control surfaces, MIDI etc. ..)
Personally, I chose not to take a Pentium M-based config knowingly. In order to have maximum power even if operated only on area and use the battery when I'm on applications lgre more ..
If c'tait again, I would do the same choice. I have no problem of stability and some incompatibilitspriphriques that may be encountered on other laptop, Vaio n'on course not.
Evidence for many producers pro (Kraftwerk Mark Bell through Matthew Dear), which we choose to take a Sony ...

Ok then, it is more expensive than the competition (on average 200 euros more MODEL equivalent), but it may be worth if you make heavy use.

generalchirak's review (Sony - PCG GRT 816S)

By generalchirak, 17/12/2003
This is the best laptop in the market and Submitted in most studios. We use Montreux, and in our studios amricains for 6 months and stabilitfiabilitet performance in terms of power are exceptional. We strongly recommend the version with the 2.8GHz Pentium 4 and 512MB of DDR Ram that just came out. The only conclusion is default ... it is beautiful and we spend too much time to play with.
Acqurir before? Yes, we did a study because we had prcise Studios Mobile running on Windows XP to work also on site with our teams playing home studio artists. We need stable stations and especially powerful enough to grate full of plugins and audio tracks at 24 bits. Our ingnieurs audio and computer technology have therefore chosen this laptop Vaio GRT and kept the 2.5GHz 512 RAM, enough for music.
The report qualitprix? Sony is the leading brand for mobile computing hardware. It is expensive but the quality is fully and for a long time to go!
My staff and I were referring recess well this choice and I learned that most of our competitors had dropped their Aplle Powerbook for SONY VAIO ...

Koeneis's review (Sony - PCG GRT 816S)

By Koeneis, 22/12/2003
I myself the Sony VAIO PCG-GRT896HP last few weeks and yes, this series is amazing! I hesitated with the Apple Powerbook G4, but ultimately I do not really regret my choice.

Apart from the fact that it is very nice (like most Sony laptops for that matter!), It provides a power to work the audio that I would call ideal. Whether the point of view hard drive, ram or cpu. It is (in addition!) With a 16-inch LCD screen which is not nothing.

Surely the best machine on the market!

While the price is a bit high, but I assure you, there are many for his money.
It is pre-installed with Windows XP, I re-partition the hard drive to put the Windows XP comes with the machine and a Linux Fedora Core. Few problems of its drivers on Linux, an internal modem not recognized, but the quality of the machine you will do soon forgotten.

If vows need a powerful notebook, do not hesitate! I will redeem myself one if necessary.