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User reviews on Sony VAIO products

Audiofanzine FR's review (Sony - VAIO GRT716S)

By Audiofanzine FR, 09/12/2008
(Originally written by lewkey/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
I've owned this computer since 2003.

The original DVD burner is dead and I replaced it with a slim burner (Samsung).

The original HDD is also broken. I replaced it with a 120 GB model.

I also replaced the 256 MB memories with two 512 MB ones (the maximum supported by the chipset).

My problems started in 2006: it just wouldn't restart when hot!!!

By the end of 2006 it wouldn't start at all at room temperature: I had to previously warm it up with a hairdryer before turning it on!!!

I dropped it several times from about 20" without real damages.

The keyboard feels very nice, the screen is comparable to modern notebook screens (although it can't be totally white compared with a Samsung stand alone screen).

It was a high-class laptop when I bought it.

Due to the slow processing power, the power on problem and the bulky size, I replaced this Vaio with an ASUS Core 2 Duo. I left the V at my second home where I use it to watch analog (!!) TV.

Webmusicprod's review (Sony - vaio vgn fe21b)

By Webmusicprod, 08/07/2007
I have my vaio for almost a year, I use in my home studio as the main machine. This is a bike that runs well.
As a computer technician, I had the test OCCAZ many other models of laptop and Sony is that it has always done best levels.

1300E about, it's a can CHERO but when seeing the quality ...

I will make the same choice if it again, on the other hand if I 2000E has put in a bike that will be in a macbook pro

darkju06's review (Sony - VAIO GRT716S)

By darkju06, 30/03/2007
P4-2.81 Ghz
-512 MB RAM
-60 GB of memory
16-step "
-Autonomy: 1 hour maximum performance.

I have since September 2003, and it works like new.
Its screen has a brightness amazing what one can not find in other phones than Sony. I pass by 1024MB of RAM because I made the video and editing and not row!
It really is a top quality computer and solid he has no default (except possibly be the weight and Aesthetics from the new range), and it works despite the fact as mine has fallen a few times from the office (long live the dog)!
Compared to other brand, Sony offers a real bonus and that's what attracted me because HP and brands made in china over the Australian and less reliable (hp plant often at work).
The price was a little nine leva (1850 euro) but it was worth the trouble because it is a fitting station trs reliable.
If I had to change I will stay home Vaio laptop.

paradies's review (Sony - VAIO VGN TX51B)

By paradies, 30/01/2012
MAO not only for the general public not require. Good connectivity, cheap plastic, Horrible windows automation spots, in short, we spend more time optimizing that to use. It is 1000 times better than a G4 ibook ...