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User reviews on Sony Vegas products

Silicium's review (Sony - Vegas 6)

By Silicium, 16/10/2006
Trouble-free installation. Just follow the directions on the screen.

Pentium 2GHz, 512MB, EMU 1820 sound card. Vegas is stable and works perfectly. No crash and no particular difficulty.

I use Vegas for both the video for her. It is a product of extreme ease of use. It is user friendly and intuitive, and a formidable power. I do video editing for web and voice with background music illustration. It is a production tool much more convenient that all the gas plants such as Cubase and others. However, it is not for the musicians Midi because it does not support Midi. And all the better because the integrated are often too cumbersome to manage. I prefer to compose on Acid, especially with version 6 that offers all the tools for it (Audio and MIDI) and finish my editing with Vegas.
I am delighted with my investment pay for itself very quickly because the time saved compared to other software. It is a product of the highest quality for the least pro and pro. There is no superficial or useless gadget. The interface is clear with no complicated graphics gene often work. All base effects come with Vegas and are of good quality. I added some additional Plug Ins that are well managed.

I recommend this product and I would definitely do it again this election. The downside, however, because the interface is in English that comes with a French manual. The terms are common so it's not very annoying but I expect the update to version 7 in 100% French should happen in a few days.

A must have for editing.. (Sony - Vegas Pro 10)

By yoTrakkz, 04/08/2011
Sony Vegas Pro 10 is a must have for anyone that’s into taking videos and video editing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hobbyist or a full time video producer/director. Sony Vegas Pro 10 has all of the effects and presets you need to create professional looking videos with not problem. If you are new to Vegas software you will definably need to pick up the manual and read it thoroughly. This program can be overwhelming to beginners. If you have used previous versions of Sony Vegas Pro, then you will adjust to Sony Vegas Pro 10 with no problems at all.

Sony Vegas Pro 10 works seamlessly with windows and mac, if you have some what of a decent computer you will have no latency/lagging. Everything will be crystal clear and in HD. You can export these in sever different formats. Such as regular, or widescreen, or you tube widescreen. Sony Vegas also has audio editing as well. So not only will you have great videos but your audio will be crystal clear with whatever type of effect you choose to do with the audio editor.

I love Sony Vegas 10 and I wouldn’t pick any other software to do video editing in. The thing that upset me with this program was the fact that it doesn’t take all type of video files. So I have to have a converter on my computer as well because I record videos from all types of different cameras that export into different formats. The price for this software is respectable, not to high. So definitely make that investment and give it a shot. You will not regret your decision to go with a company that has been around and has a reputation like Sony does. Sony Vegas 10 is the way to go!

lowweek's review (Sony - Vegas 5)

By lowweek, 25/08/2004
Quick and easy installation, the registration process is a bit tedious (Internet required) but it is commonplace today.
No inconsistency, however, very pleased to see such a compatibility with my hardware (RAM, Hyperthreading, Network, etc. ...). Software compatibility is not bad either, Vegas 5 export and import almost everything, and supports the OMF.
Difficult to give the contents of the package since I downloaded from Sony.

Its my computer / video: PIV 3.2, 3GB RAM, 120GB HD (internal) 250 GB (External), GeForce4200, 2 screens 19 "Win2Kpro, audio & MOTU828mkII SEK'D Prodif Plus.

With this config, the software runs very well, the effects still very hungry to go up 5 / 6 images / s in real time as Preview, 15i / s Draft! Rendering the calculation is very fast ... especially since Vegas5 supports network rendering ...

The performances are quite correct in real time. And of course, rendering RAM allows for faster rendering of a portion of video. The software adapts to your PC, it runs so well on modest machines. Note that if you get an accelerator card (style DVRaptor), Vegas does not draw the party, sadly ...
Stability is exemplary, the weak point is still the capture module ... but I have a Windows a little sick, this may explain that.

A word about DVD Architect 2 that returns 1 to oblivion: soft rewritten, complete, still allowing the creation of menus as well as support for subtitles and multiple audio tracks (languages).

I'm using Vegas since the V3, so I have seen the product evolve. The hand-down on Sony SF fortunately did not change the quality policy in the development or updates - always free.
Today, I have no desire to change, especially not for Premiere.

Vegas is a perfect tool for editing video semi-pro, with many effects, many possibilities. Version 5 has only confirmed this trend. The changes concern mainly 2D/3D compositing. Little effect and more, but comes with Boris Graffiti (titrator advanced) and the surprising MovieLook. The only thing missing? A wrapper to access the huge library of plugins via DirectX Premiere ...

BUT, Vegas is also a powerful DAW, offering support 24/96, unlimited tracks, a comprehensive management Surround, DirectX full compatibility - and VST Wrapper via a -, automation effects, encoding AC3, etc. . All without sacrificing ergonomics easily accessible, offering a learning curve very linear. ProTools is not, but for a video editor, it's huge - even Avid Xpress does not offer that.

Difficult to talk about price because I bought the upgrade at a preferential rate and via the secure download (farewell customs fees ...) to download no problem. The price / quality ratio is one such model, Avid is - in my opinion - Premiere horribly overpriced and overrated.

lepapillonbleu's review (Sony - Vegas 6)

By lepapillonbleu, 10/10/2006
No installation problems, no known incompatibility, manual clear and correct general config ....

P4 3.2GHz - DDR 1024 - sata raid 0
Normal performance on the audio. Stable.

BUT STILL ONE REGRET: See Sony, since the purchase of Sonic Foundry, has no investment in research on the audio, the software being rewarded with the same monotonous plugins (some without automation ... a shame!) a Time-stretch quality of sickening, and still no MIDI, hence the need to sync to Cubase or Logic (which is not always an easy task!). This is certainly the best audio editor (the most intuitive anyway ...) constrained by a lack of willingness on the part of some Sony (which has decided to reserve Vegas video and Acid for audio, although it it can not hold a candle to Vegas for the audio editing ...)
It was clearly the impression that Sony only "keep below the elbow" this program in recent years.

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