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Sony VGN


User reviews on Sony VGN products

Seebaf's review (Sony - VGN-A317M)

By Seebaf, 07/05/2007
Powerful, efficient, particularly for the sound. While a floor effect integrated (They are sublime) pti A monster that complements the wonders of SONY. And besides, it is too good !!!!!!!

l'electron libre's review (Sony - VGN-FE31H)

By l'electron libre, 30/11/2006
Use for 2 weeks ...
Most: config, brand
The config: Intel dual core T5600, 1024 Ram, 120 G Roma, GeForce 7400 ... One FireWire 400 port, 3 USB 2, etc. ...
The least ... one FireWire 800 port would prfrable t ... but hey, in this price range, there is little quip be portable ... the firewire ...
MODELS few essays but long before seeking a strong config for the music.
In addition, the one has a nice design ... bte beautiful ...
No, seriousness, the purpose of this purchase can save silent without the slightest breath of a computer fan ... ct of this is won ... this laptop is extremely quiet.
And to have a machine powerful enough to take my songs trip ... accompanied by my little MicroX rcemment bought ... my hopes are filled ...

Quality price ratio ... well ...

azzo's review (Sony - VGN-TT11 LNB)

By azzo, 04/08/2011
How long have you use it? From 2 to 3 years
What is so special that you like most and least?
most: the size of the screen to the live!
the least: the size of the screen to the home studio!
Have you tried many other models before buying it?
How would you rate the quality / price?
not bad
With experience, you do again this choice?

CrazyTartiflette's review (Sony - VGN-FS115M)

By CrazyTartiflette, 30/05/2007
I got there a little over a year. Apart from a few crashes over for use of overgrown (too many programs open at a time ...), loudspeakers that vieillisent wrong and a bug that drags on my drive, this computer is perfect for me. Although being a fan of the game, its processor and RAM can be a bit low. But its still a laptop and is of excellent quality.

I had previously tested other laptop, all VAIO and I have never been disappointed. Plaut me this one mainly because it is a gift (yoopee, nothing had to pay ^ ^) but also for its wide screen is really nice when you watch movies.

I believe that when we offered it to me, he turned in 2000 €, but if you enr etrouvez one now, with the price that has fallen, it's really a very good buy that I advises.

After a year I change it for a more powerful laptop. Particularly in terms of CPU and RAM. But it will take to pay the price this time and I know very well that I did not expect the boundaries of this gem!