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Sound Isolation & Acoustic Treatment

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Sound Isolation & Acoustic Treatment

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User reviews on Sound Isolation & Acoustic Treatment products

good product (Vicoustic - Multi Fusor DC2)

By massivejob, 07/11/2014
I have set there a little over a year. I use different products Vicoustic brand. I turned to this model as a matter of weight, much lighter than wooden models. In addition to a good acoustic treatment, and position above the clew that unifies a certain bandwidth and improves spatial. This is a good value for money.

its diffuse (HOFA Plugins - Diffusor)

By bigjo291, 25/09/2014
How long have you use it?
I used the last almost 2 years

Have you tried many other models before buying it?

yes but generally s studio was able to do on a stirring, not the same size or materials so a bit hard to compare ...

What thing do you like most and least?

The +: for the price you do not fly that sense, very aesthetic, running well earlier
the -: not easy to fix there is nothing provided for above, very fragile, for me it fot minimum 3 to get a good spread but the problem in that the diffuser are all the same so I have put one in from a sense the other in another sense etc, otherwise it would spread all more or less the same place which is not the ideal ...

How would you rate the quality / price?
honestly € 62 room these data j am so please for the price

With experience, you do again this choice?

with the same budget yes without hesitation .... but if I could see 1000 € 1500 I think that I'd do on a specific measure my control room and above all much bigger and solid
I recommend to all people with a budget that would stabilize his home studio acoustics but watch the placement does not do anything n his could do more harm than good (it's not for nothing that people make calculations complex and have made studies for ...)
musically jonathan

Superb Efficiency (HOFA Plugins - Basstrap)

By zebib, 07/09/2014
I bought 8 of these for my basstraps control room of 20 square meters.

Positioned stacked around the room.
I had a real problem with inaccurate and low rotating.

The effect is remarkable: I can now work with low kicks and precision, and it shows the quality of my mixes and working time.

I think this is my best purchase this year and I wonder how I could do without.

on the other hand, do not apply within a room of this size.

I fortemnt recommend this type of product, which in addition, are very beautiful and a perfect finish.

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Published on 11/07/16
Setting Up Your Home Studio - Part 5
Having a soundproof home studio is very nice. But that's far from enough to make a room ideal to record and mix music. Enter acoustic treatment.

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