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User Review

Good expander still present - Reviews Roland XV-2020

Show Info, detailed features.
I note that:
- Usb connection AND twelve o'clock
- Supports two SRX expansion cards
- 4x128 sounds and users 128 sounds + 17 batteries
- Soft editing waveforms


The use GM mode or performance is simple (message msb / lsb)
The app provides is correct and can edit the sounds easily
The doc is good, as often with roland
USB connection deserves to exist


The bank is large and generalist level JV1010 JV and maps
The overall quality is correct, without
JV1010 compared to the sounds of pianos, organs, basses, are less good
It is a pity that we do not benefit as JV1010, an expansion card (JV session embedded in the JV1010)
For cons, the synth are versatile and still relevant today


If the library board is no longer at the top, it is still correct.
But above all, the USB connection, the editing options and the possible extension of SRX allows this expander always be useful and current.
Unfortunately limited to 2 cards you can have superb acoustic piano sounds (srx11) worthy of RD700, electric pianos live (srx12) or find other pleasures (see demos / srx /)